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06-25-2004 11:19 AM
Re: Least favourite part...

Originally Posted by cbr99xx
Firing someone.
Trade you.
06-25-2004 8:34 AM
Re: Least favourite part...

Firing someone.
06-25-2004 3:42 AM
Johnny Diablo
Re: Least favourite part...

Least favorite part is after business hours ...when I have to put down my ice tea and answer the phone. The ATM (money machine) group calls to say an 2 ATMS are down..Is there a power outage? Lemme check I say. Look up the fax machine for the bank branch... call the fax ... no answer

Call power co. Get ETR for power restore... Keep calling answers!! Look desperately for a modem phone number to dial into router and see what I get.

Oh shat looks like we have a down router. Call Cisco.... Talk to Austrailia... Call our Field techs. Ask them if they have a spare router..tell them they are going to have to go out early in the morning and replace a router. Call Security to call the bank branch personell....Tell them they are coming in extra early to let a field tech in. Answer emails from Cisco explaining that no there is nothing to troubleshoot..send a router and tech to site at our specified time. Mind you none of this occurs as easy as fast or as easy as it sounds.

Update the problem tracking system and include a turnover email to my team, supervisor, his manager, his director and the helpdesk. Page out alert no matter what time of night to all of management which includes the Chair of IT.

This happens about once a month.
06-25-2004 2:23 AM
Re: Least favourite part...

Originally Posted by nomad
*sigh* That is the new system.
This is what we have. Works pretty slick once you get it going and do a little training. The way we had it set up, an employee could be reimbursed two business days after they submitted a report. The main problems we had were teaching some of the people who were basically going to have problems with ANY system.

06-25-2004 2:19 AM
Re: Least favourite part...

too bad its not all m$oft based, at least then the next revision to the 'new' system will mimic the exact functionality had with the old system
06-24-2004 7:47 PM
Re: Least favourite part...

*sigh* That is the new system.
06-24-2004 7:28 PM
Re: Least favourite part...

You guys need a new system is all I can say.
06-24-2004 7:08 PM
Re: Least favourite part...

Originally Posted by tigerblade
LOL at the expense report problems! My old job was the travel system administrator, so I dealt with the other side of it, trying to figure out what the hell people were thinking when they filled them out! They really weren't a big deal if people would just pay attention. What system do you guys have?
We, being IT mega-geniuses, decided to oust our horrible, yet working, mainframe solution in favour of some new crap-ass-in-house-co-op-student-developed-PIECE-of-**** java application... now when I say crap assed... I mean CRAP ASSED! Hmmm simple user interface things like when you have to put in 5 weeks worth of hotel bills... you can't just report 1 week at the Sheraton, you gotta enter each week's bill... then go into each one and itemize (to the cent) room rate.... room tax... internet bills... phone bills.... laundry.... food..... You can't just say, "Room rate = $155, now copy copy copy copy... " NOooooooOOooo! You gotta go in and type in about 5 different fields for each one including how much it cost... what category it is in... where the charge was (You'd think that if yesterday you stayed at the Sheraton in Boston then I am probably staying at the same Sheraton given it's on the same bill... dumbasses) etc. etc. Anyway... ranting now... then it gets to the point where I have to enter City.... for air fares you have to select international destinations then press "U" for United States... but then you have to KEEP pressing U until United States,Boston,MA shows up. Coincidentally, every god forsaken country and city are in there... like Uganda. Yeah, Like *I* am really flying to Uganda to produce a server architecture for the muckalucakpeeta tribe. ****. Ok... so now you go to put in the city for your hotel... you'd think they'd figure it out from the airfare... but this time, you can type in "United States,Boston,MA" with the proper spacing and you're fine. If you mistype, then you are in a world of hurt but nothing different than the above. Now... once you get to input the city of your meals, yeah, once again, you've flown to boston, your hotel is in Boston but oh boy that dinner in San Francisco was just excellent. Ok... so you go to type in the city and you get to "United"... any more than that and it is confused by the space and the app just sends you all over the world to search for the city.

Ok.... so once you've typed in the city and all your amounts and itemized each receipt you find that you have spent well over your limit and the trips have come to somewheres over $13000... I won't say how far over because well... I probably should have kept it to $10,000 anyway... Ok... so you get to 13000 and you've begged and pleaded for all the exceptions that you've made... oops, 22 cents over on dinner on friday, please specify why you blew your per diem out of the water... Ok, so I've done all that... I wonder what my boss will say when he finds my $63 dinner with the excuse that I had dessert - I didn't mention dessert was a 2 pound lobster... Ok... moving right along... after all is inputted, the app comes up and says you've blown the max amount available for a single claim. Please redo the entire ****ING thing. Ok, not the entire thing, I ended up just deleting all my air fares and putting them in separately... boy is that going to confuse the hell out of the expense nazi's.

*phew* You asked, I answered. Now you know, the rest of the story.
06-24-2004 6:43 PM
Re: Least favourite part...

no porn on every wall
06-24-2004 6:35 PM
Re: Least favourite part...

I love one of my jobs, but it makes no money. I love the other job too, but I hate being the boss. Knowing that people are counting on me for their income. I'm at work long before everyone else, and long after. I should not complain, I have alot to be thankful for.
06-24-2004 6:19 PM
Serial Thriller
Re: Least favourite part...

Bob: If you would, would you walk us through a typical day, for you?
Peter: Yeah.
Bob: Great.
Peter: Well, I generally come in at least fifteen minutes late, ah, I use the side door--that way Lumbergh can't see me, heh--after that I sorta space out for an hour.
Bob: Space out?
Peter: Yeah, I just stare at my desk, but it looks like I'm working. I do that for probably another hour after lunch too, I'd say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work.
06-24-2004 4:58 PM
Re: Least favourite part...

Oh, my job now isn't bad at all. I have lots of projects, but that's a good thing. They've been lenient on letting me off to go racing, I'll be getting a raise next month, should move up a job grade next year, should replace my boss maybe a year or two after that. THEN the headaches will surface.
06-24-2004 4:56 PM
Re: Least favourite part...

LOL at the expense report problems! My old job was the travel system administrator, so I dealt with the other side of it, trying to figure out what the hell people were thinking when they filled them out! They really weren't a big deal if people would just pay attention. What system do you guys have?
06-24-2004 4:51 PM
Re: Least favourite part...

My colleague has bipolar disorder (she's admitted to just about everyone) and she's mostly in her manic phase.
She doesn't sleep, gets in at 5-6am and leaves around 7pm.
Often times I'll get work emails sent at 2-3am as well.
It sucks to work with her as she's always bouncing off the walls. Gets me all stressed out.
And then she wants to go out and have coffee in the mornings?
So my least favorite part is having to work with her.
Maybe I can slip her some Valium.
06-24-2004 4:33 PM
Re: Least favourite part...

Oh, we have a little program called "Live The Values...". Oh man it's a doozie, and some people are really excited about this one let me tell you. Here's how it went for me. I had just found out that my wife of 12 years was leaving me. I go in to work and find out that I have to attend a company wide LTV (see above) meeting. We all walk over to the Hilton across the street where the company has rented a large meeting room. We all get our nametag and find our seat. It's all about team building, and how company ethics are so important. We get to watch cute little films showing us important life lessons like not leaving early, and having other people clock you out when you are really supposed to leave. And how you aren't supposed to use the supply cabinet to supplement your income, or keep your kids Boy Scout troop ass deep in markers and colored paper. As a salaried employee, and a mature adult, most of this was something I had basically learned in second grade, but here we are.

Did I mention my wife had just left? So we break for lunch, and come back only we now have to sit at the table with the matching number that's on our nametag. They specifically shuffled the room so we would be sitting by strangers. To make matters worse, we spent the second half of the day doing wonderful arts and crafts like making posters from cut out magazines showing how much we were excited about Living the Values. We got to all hold up a tennis ball with some string where everyone had to hold it like a web. Oh just fun **** like that. I think everyone realized I wasn't into all this when they asked me if I was going to help out with their poster. I ripped a page from the magazine next to me, smashed the glue stick on it, and then slapped the page down randomly on their poster board. The slap was loud enough that the entire room got quiet.. I got some stares, and a few under the breath comments from some of the more cheery folk at the table, and I just sat there. I figured what the hell, my wife left, why not get fired. I just sat there the rest of the day, and walked off when they released us.

I know you are looking for crap everyday, but that one particular day has stuck out in my mind..
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