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Merc 07-24-2013 6:40 PM

My 929/RR8 Rear End Mod Pic's!! **UPDATED!!**
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So after taking the plunge and buying myself a track bike back in 2011, I decided on a 929 as they were very good value for money, probably as they're one of the least popular of all the 'Blades! I've seen a few sub frame mods, mainly on the earlier 918's, but have also seen a couple of RR8 rear ends on 929's, so thought I'd give it a go meself!

After blagging a pal of mine, who just so happens to be an engineer, to basically carry out the mod for me around 6 weeks ago, the project's progressing nicely.. He's not been able to take the bike into his place of work, which has added time and complication due to him basically working blind, but the results are good :) It's a little rough round the edges but this is in affect a trial run for something more permanent to come at a later date.

Since owning the bike I've only ridden her on three occasions due to the crap weather and general lack of time, the last ride being back in October 2012, but since taking her on I've added a full Akrapovic system, heavier KTech fork springs with track grade fluid, Ohlins rear shock, PCIII, Armstrong front discs, EBC track grade pads (can't remember the exact name, but they cost 95!!), Renthal 520 conversion (one down on the front, two up on the rear), Harris rear sets, YZ250 motocross gear lever for reverse shift, and a new set of Pirelli SC2's..... I'd love to comment on what a difference it's made but I've not ridden her since installing any of it!! I'll get back to you on that one..

chris954rr 07-24-2013 7:00 PM

Re: My 929 Rear End Mod Pic's!!
lookin good:thumb:

RRDemon 07-25-2013 1:57 AM

Re: My 929 Rear End Mod Pic's!!
She's looking a bit "stumpy" in the rear, but then again look at how many of the new bikes seem to have a chopped down tail.. I don't personally like the look, but I've heard of tons of people that love it. I'd imagine on the track a shortened rear end will save at least a little weight, making it worth it.

Merc 07-28-2013 8:10 AM

Re: My 929 Rear End Mod Pic's!!
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RR8 rear end installed :eyebrows:

Merc 07-28-2013 12:21 PM

Re: My 929 Rear End Mod Pic's!! **UPDATED!!**
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Almost the finished article, will be ready for Snetterton in a few weeks :)

RRDemon 07-28-2013 2:41 PM

Re: My 929 Rear End Mod Pic's!! **UPDATED!!**
Wow, looking really good and unique! I take back the stumpy remark, as she now looks of proper length. The subframe does look like it got shortened a good bit, but perhaps that was just a trick of photography.

Merc 07-28-2013 3:20 PM

Re: My 929 Rear End Mod Pic's!! **UPDATED!!**
Thanks Demon!

The sub frame was pretty much halved in length as I only needed support up to the rear of the seat. I think it's fair to say she won't be accepting any more pillions.!

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