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jdoni 04-03-2015 11:47 AM

Melted marker/directional lights
I started the 954 and let it idle for about 5 minutes and noticed the front marker lights were distorted. I felt them and they were really hot and pliable. I haven't checked any voltages yet. The rear lights seemed fine. Both sets are Lockhart Philips. This is the first time I have run the bike since December and everything else seems normal? Any suggestions or ideas?
Thanks, Jay

IanDoohan 04-03-2015 5:38 PM

Re: Melted marker/directional lights
How long have you had them on there? Do you have the running lights on the front?

jdoni 04-03-2015 6:49 PM

Re: Melted marker/directional lights
They are on the front and this would have been their third birthday? Just seems weird that the other lights are fine? Thanks!

IanDoohan 04-03-2015 6:57 PM

Re: Melted marker/directional lights
Yeah, pretty weird after 2 seasons of use. I know that LP stuff isn't the greatest, but who knows. Wonder if it could be your charging system:idunno:

I would point the finger at the bulbs or the housing just being flimsy, and with the running lights on all the time it just cooked the housing/lens I guess. Yep, seems like a weird one.

jdoni 04-04-2015 9:05 AM

Re: Melted marker/directional lights
Thanks Ian. I think I'll just order a new set and check the voltage on the old ones before I install them. Maybe their air cooled?:rant:

jdoni 04-07-2015 8:04 PM

Re: Melted marker/directional lights
Just to close this out. I took out the lights while waiting for the new ones and checked the wiring. The PO had the directional and marker light wires reversed. I cut them then soldered and heat shrunk them the proper way. The marker lights are now dimmer and the turn indicators do no not blink as fast as they used to. Both are improvements in my opinion. Maybe this will help someone down the road, there's are a lot of melted flush mounts out there!

I still have no idea why this problem showed after three years of use though?

Lockhart-Phillips uses the following wire colors for 3 wire flush mounts:

Red for turn indicators
Black w/white stripe for Ground
Black for markers

Honda uses the following wire colors on an 03 954:

Black with white stripe into green for ground (both sides)

Orange for turn indicators (left side)
Orange w/white stripe for markers

Light blue for turn indicators (right side)
Light blue w/white stripe for markers

Mitch2651 04-12-2015 9:07 AM

Re: Melted marker/directional lights
This does help and thanks for posting. I have LP signals and had one melt on me as well

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