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Artichoke93 05-29-2017 10:37 PM

Issues with running
Own a 99 cbr900rr, with 30k miles on it, replaced the spark plugs and cleaned out the bowls in the carb and the jets, Did not disassemble the diaphrams. The pilot jets were turned out about 1.5 turns from being turned in all the way. I cleaned the bowls and jets, and turned the pilot jets out to about 2.5 turns. The bike has a new BMC filter (not the race version) and yoshimura RS-3 exhaust, Before I cleaned and adjusted the pilot jets, the bike would always idle at around 2000rpm. It did not have an idle adjust screw. I can drop the idle by twisting the throttle forward. I also have issues with the bike dying or bogging extremely when cracking the throttle when its still cold. Once the bike reaches 180 degrees F it usually runs okay, but still just idles at 2000rpm. What exactly is going on here. Any ideas? Right now the pilot jets are 2.5 turns out, and I can get the bike to idle. as soon as I crack the throttle it bogs/dies, eventually I can get it up to 4-5k but wont really go past that. Once warmed up you can bang it off the rev limiter but it will die when you let off. If i pull the choke all the way it will shoot up to about 4-5k rpm but will bog when the throttle is opened.

Artichoke93 06-07-2017 12:30 AM

Re: Issues with running
Just to update my own thread, turns out my carbs we're what I assume to be pretty extremely out of sync, i'll include pictures. Cylinders 1 and 2, were open way past idle circuit, while 3 and 4 were completly closed. Mind you, this was all without a throttle adjustment knob, I had to buy one!!! I basically installed the adjustment knob (backed out all the way), closed all my butterflies valves to match the adjustment knob and then synced them by eye as best I could to open evenly with the idle adjustment knob!

Artichoke93 06-26-2017 4:16 PM

Re: Issues with running
AYYYEEEEOOOOOO back from the dead, Whats up guys bike runs ****ing great EXCEPT 6-7k rpm full throttle... goes nice and smooth and starts to stutter at 6-7k not a bog, but backfiring ish kinda, passes 7k Runs like a mother****er! Any ideas, before I dive into my carbs again?

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