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gjp03954rr 04-19-2018 11:51 PM

Several codes, not running
Quick background. I bought bike 2 years ago (02 954) from brother who had bought it at a police auction. It ran at the time but someone had painted it zebra stripes. I repainted and cleaned everything up. After very little riding #1 cylinder died, then a little later the whole engine died. I noticed a wire on the cam sensor had broken so i replaced it. Fired right up better then ever. I put tools up and went to give it throttle and it died again. Since then it wont hit a lick. Is firing and fuel pump working but doesnt try to run at all. Im getting codes 7,8,9,11,18, and 19. The new cam sensor even tests bad ( i have shop manual downloaded). Replaced ignition pulse generator because it tested bad and it still tests bad. Just put on a used ecm because all the things giving codes went to one side of it so i thought that was the problem, but apparently its not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MrPickwick 04-20-2018 3:00 AM

Re: Several codes, not running
Hi, strange one,all the sensors seem to be at fault, yet nothing on the injectors, the two faults that are definite non start are 18 and 19 , but as you have replaced with new points elsewhere, think you will have to check out the wiring and connectors, as you have tried another ECU could rule that out, seems strange that new parts test bad, are you back probing them on a complete circuit or testing at connectors, would check all fuses before you test the wiring:wink

IanDoohan 04-20-2018 4:36 PM

Re: Several codes, not running
You might need to go through the entire harness and look for a short/open circuit. It's a huge PITA, but sometimes necessary when chasing electrical gremlins. Check every connection on the bike for melting/frayed wires. @unslow1 may be able to assist, as he has some experience with tearing into 954 harnesses.

gjp03954rr 04-21-2018 11:01 PM

Re: Several codes, not running
Thanks for the replys. I checked by going through the steps in the shop manual and have checked all fuses. I checked the harness for shorts that i could find by vision but not by meter yet, maybe a good idea. Was hoping by putting on here and maybe someone had experienced the same situation and could save me some time and pain. Im pretty good at fixing things just not too good at diagnosing. So again thanks

MrPickwick 04-22-2018 3:09 AM

Re: Several codes, not running
Try deleting the codes that you have at the moment,and see what is left, have you tested for spark by pulling the plugs out, then have a look to see if the injectors are firing,if its not firing up it has to be either spark or fuel , that way you can eliminate which side isnt working , then concentrate on that area

gjp03954rr 04-22-2018 2:25 PM

Re: Several codes, not running
I have done a few things to it since i checked spark and it had it then but maybe i need to check again. Then i could spray starter fluid down air intake tubes and it wouldnt even hit, which i couldnt understand, spark+ fuel should produce something.

unslow1 04-23-2018 12:57 PM

Re: Several codes, not running
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I recommend investigating the harness(es) thoroughly, paying special attention to each connector and the common grounds. Disassemble, clean, lubricate, then reasemble ALL connections during inspections. Replacing fuses as you trod through can also save you time and frustration "down the road".

If you're not keen to the idea of a full-out, wrap-off, wire-by-wire inspection, then the aforementioned advice should get you MOSTLY squared-away. But, coming from your very similar situation (my RR2 was a total/salvage/rebuild)... I highly recommend the "stitch-in-time" approach.

Here's an image of one of two "common ground" junctions that can and WILL require attention:

unslow1 04-23-2018 12:58 PM

Re: Several codes, not running
one is under the seat (under battery cover), the other is behind the gauge cluster.

gjp03954rr 04-24-2018 8:52 PM

Re: Several codes, not running
Thanks unslow. I will check them out. right now im working on sons atv putting a new stator in it. When i get done with it i will check harness and grounds. Thanks again for input.

unslow1 04-25-2018 7:50 AM

Re: Several codes, not running
:thumb: Please revisit this thread with any/all findings and results of your work to assist others in the future.

gjp03954rr 04-28-2018 12:01 AM

Re: Several codes, not running
I will,,hate it when theres good info to have had but thread isnt finished

gjp03954rr 05-04-2018 9:43 PM

Re: Several codes, not running
Well finally got some time to work on it. Both the yellow common grounds looked really good. Have started unwrapping wires now.

gjp03954rr 05-12-2018 11:34 AM

Re: Several codes, not running
Pulled entire harness out and checked each connector and looked for frayed wires. Everything looked good. Checked to make sure it was firing again and it was. Once again sprayed starter fluid and still nothing. How can something with spark not at least sputter? Jumped time maybe? Ill check that again although i have already checked valve clearances and it was in time then.

MrPickwick 05-12-2018 12:35 PM

Re: Several codes, not running
Weird one, spark but not firing, even with starter fuel, and even with ignition timing way out I thought you might have at least got a back fire, did you hang out the spark plug to check for spark?

gjp03954rr 05-15-2018 10:01 PM

Re: Several codes, not running
What i thought too even with timing off should sputter. Yes checked firing by hanging plug out, grounded to frame. Still have harness out, any other thoughts before i put it in wire loom and put back in place?

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