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warloks38 05-08-2018 1:59 AM

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Hi guys i thought i would balance the carbs on my blade as I had quite a bad clutch knock on tickover when cold.the settings seemed spot on but I did notice the vent from the cam cover was blowing a little bit of pressure out more like a whisp of air is this normal ? I've had cars over the years where the engines were a little tired and they blew oil and smoke out.the air filter on the blade had a tiny bit of residue in it but nothing major.

BreakItBob 05-08-2018 3:07 PM

Re: Crankcase venting
Not that I've ever had to deal with this but I would guess that a crankcase vent is more of a breather, shouldn't really be blowing as such

IanDoohan 05-10-2018 1:55 AM

Re: Crankcase venting
Sounds normal to me. The. Crankcase breather will emit vapor, thatís why itís plugged into the airbox, to ďallegedlyĒ keep up t recirculating into the engine and not out to atmosphere. I say youíre good to go, although if an abundant amount of residue begins to build up I would keep an eye on it. Pretty sure these motors do build a bit of crankcase pressure.

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