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PrtclWav 09-25-2018 12:01 AM

954rr partout
i have an entire builds worth of internals, frame, frame swing arm and clutch/stator covers as well as other odds and ends no plastics no wheels no front end. shipping from 80923

SoCal954 10-08-2018 3:45 AM

Re: 954rr partout
What internals do you have for the 954? Are they OEM? I'm looking for performance parts. Just let me know if you got anything performance related, exhaust or steering damper... Thanks !

fc3s driver 10-08-2018 11:59 PM

Re: 954rr partout
Stator cover? Condition? Price?

PrtclWav 10-09-2018 9:41 PM

Re: 954rr partout
stator cover with aftermarket stator 100 shipped 40 without stator

PrtclWav 10-09-2018 9:43 PM

Re: 954rr partout
only oem internals and extras aside from a cut down htev back 2 brothers exhaust let me know if you re interested ill put up pics

UnfortunateFish 12-17-2018 8:48 PM

Re: 954rr partout
Do you happen to have the OEM front turn signals?

Paladin69 04-14-2019 9:22 AM

Re: 954rr partout
fuel pump?

tonytee71 04-16-2019 4:44 AM

You got a titled frame tx me 9858051444

makenzie71 04-20-2019 7:31 PM

Re: 954rr partout
I need a speedometer.

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