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msf0002 05-05-2019 8:30 PM

Project 929 complete rebuild-motor
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Wow guys it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on here. 5 years and some change I believe. Unfortunately life has had its way with me and I had a daughter and my bike has gone by the wayside. It’s been sitting in my basement for the last 4+ years being very sad. The happy ending for the old girl is about to begin though. I have her completely torn apart and the frame and a 954 swingarm are going off to powdercoat. I am going to be replacing pretty much everything visual on the entire bike. The few things that are staying are going to be getting a serious makeover at least. I have a shopping cart full of parts on eBay I’m going to be pulling the trigger on so feel free to chime in and tell me your advice. So far I have only purchased the 954 swingarm and a used ohlins steering damper. I am going to have some questions along the way about parts that I should purchase (I’m sure I forgot some things that should be addressed on a 19 year old bike that has been sitting for more than 4 years.) First and foremost I parked the bike originally because the fuel pump stopped priming (I have done the pink wire fix with a resistor in the past so I’m assuming it’s time to swap out the resistor again.) other than that the bike ran but I was having some issues I attributed to possible vacuum leaks. After tearing it down and seeing the sad state that everything rubber is in I will be replacing all the vacuum lines and all the coolant lines with silicone replacements. I will be posting pics of the parts I plan on buying so if you would like to offer up advice i would appreciate it. I will be buying everything over the next week or 2 while I’m waiting on my parts to be powder coated. Stay tuned.

msf0002 05-05-2019 8:36 PM

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My shopping cart so far

IanDoohan 05-05-2019 11:42 PM

Re: Project 929 complete rebuild-motor
Great to see you bringing her back to life!

My only suggestions, and this is more personal preference than hard fact, but I would stay away from aftermarket fork seals. Just something about them that makes me feel insecure, especially with all the work involved to change them. I would go OEM. The bushings and other hardware for them looks ok.

Just from your pics it looks like the Gold Valves you chose are Emulators, which would not work for your USD cartridge forks. Again, just judging by the picture.

All the other stuff seems appropriate, but before you blow $150 on levers, I would recommend getting the fuel pump prime issue fixed. Has it sat with fuel in the tank all this time? You may need a new pump and/or tank altogether. Sometimes when the pump won’t prime it can be an ECU issue, which could cost some bucks.

Keep on with the updates and pics, we love good build/rebuild threads!

nigelrb 05-06-2019 1:59 AM

Re: Project 929 complete rebuild-motor
Hi mfs.

I'm another who follows these threads with interest. Seems as if you'll be sinking a whole heap of dollars into it.

There is often a rush of enthusiasm to finish these projects and in so doing the works become compromised. Slow and thorough will return you a great bike!

MACE_ 05-06-2019 6:58 AM

Re: Project 929 complete rebuild-motor
If fuel was in the tank for that have some work ahead of you.
Let me know if i can throw some tips your way to clean it out.
I too love a build thread, Cant wait to see it come back to life
Its kind of like moto-necromancy

msf0002 05-06-2019 4:51 PM

Thanks for the interest and the advice. There was about a quart of gas left in the tank when I parked it. I also purchased the new ignition this morning so I can plug everything in and see if I get the pump to prime. I’m on my way home from work right now so I think I will pop the sending unit out and see what the condition of the inside of my tank looks like. Any advice on cleaning out the tank is kindly appreciated.

MACE_ 05-06-2019 5:02 PM

Re: Project 929 complete rebuild-motor
What i do is get 60 to 80 grit sandpaper.
I sand all the areas i can with my hand, if you can fit it in there, mine cant usually unless its a Harley tank.
Fill 1/2 of the tank with coarse sand and granite gravel. Block off the fuel pump hole with gorilla tape after filling.
Then you have to shake the ever loving fukk out of it for like 4 hours.
Its not fun.
You will be sore the next day. The sand and gravel works like sandpaper and cleans out the debris and loose rust.
Then flush with a garden hose for a few hours until all the sand is out and then pick out the gravel one by one until there is none left.
Then coat the tank with 2 stroke oil after it has dried to the point where not one drop of water is evident. I use a shop vac for about an hour to dry it.
\Good luck.
It sucks. but in the end the system will be clean enough to run.
I usually charge about 400 for a fuel system overhaul like this because it is so labor intensive.
stay away from creem and other tank "coatings" they will come off in sheets and reclog your fuel system.
This is my opinion. Other people do it other ways.
this works best for me and Ive brought alot of bikes back from the dead.

msf0002 05-06-2019 5:26 PM

Thanks, just gonna hope everything is good in there

msf0002 05-06-2019 7:55 PM

Well I have 3 pieces of good news. The inside of my gas tank is immaculate. I jumped my fuel pump directly off my battery and it works. And my 7ish year old expensive ass lithium ion battery is still good as new. My buddy ran a cell check on it for me and all cells are 95% + operational he has some kind of rc car battery equipment that lets him check such things. Since I’m fairly confident the resistor on my pink wire is probably the issue I’m pretty happy.

MACE_ 05-06-2019 8:11 PM

Re: Project 929 complete rebuild-motor

now lets keep this thread loaded with pics because we all addicted to fireblade pron

msf0002 05-06-2019 8:30 PM

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Haha, will do. Here’s the bike 8 years ago. And then last week after I started tearing it down. I had the bike completely apart once before and I rattle canned the frame, swingarm and subframe black. I took my time, did many coats and it looked nice for a couple years until the random rock chips and such started. Up until a few days ago I was planning on just stripping it down and painting it again. I have since decided that with all the time and energy that would take I would rather just get it all powdercoated. That led me to get the 954 swinger because I’m not gonna pay to have everything powdercoated when I really wanted the 954 swingarm since forever

BigdaddyPaz 05-06-2019 10:56 PM

Re: Project 929 complete rebuild-motor
msf0002 my only concern is the ignition switch, i bought a similar one and the ignition did not work, fuel pump would not prime, its missing the Diode to the pink wire. all it did was get super hot which was a big concern. the trunk lock did not work either and did not line up to the unlocking hook. but it would have taken some modifying and at the time i was not willing to do. which was a few years ago. but you can use the bottom guts of your old ignition switch and swap them so that you can use 1 key. I may buy the same seat cover replacement myself.

msf0002 05-07-2019 12:09 AM

I ordered a different one from the one that I had listed in my eBay shopping list, it’s exactly the same but it’s being shipped from the USA instead of China. I’m very interested to see if it has a diode or resistor in it as well. If it doesn’t I’m going to ship it back and demand a refund (it’s only $20 shipped but it’s just the principal of the thing) I don’t have the guts or any part of my original ignition. I lost the key so I disassembled the entire thing a long time ago. I just ran with a hidden switch for a couple years. It really wouldn’t be the biggest deal if it doesn’t have the diode, I have a pack of resistors I can wire in line on the pink wire if it comes down to it.

msf0002 05-08-2019 7:26 PM

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Got the 954 swingarm today! It has a little more damage than I saw in the eBay photos. Does anyone know anything about filling aluminum scratches before powdercoat? So far it looks like there is a product that costs 75$ a pint you can use but a lot of people have said jb weld works great.

BigdaddyPaz 05-08-2019 7:32 PM

Re: Project 929 complete rebuild-motor

Originally Posted by msf0002 (Post 1699351756)
Got the 954 swingarm today! It has a little more damage than I saw in the eBay photos. Does anyone know anything about filling aluminum scratches before powdercoat? So far it looks like there is a product that costs 75$ a pint you can use but a lot of people have said jb weld works great.

Im very interested in knowing how well the 954 swingarm will fit the 929. Im considering do it myself because i want to use the spools to lift the rear end versus the rear stand i have that lifts the bike up leaning to the right.

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