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JWHT 10-20-2004 1:27 AM

Cable luber tool
Well I managed to go buy myself a cable luber tool from the local bike store here in town and it didn't come with any instructions. Sorry I've never done this before so please excuse me if I don't know how to use this tool. I know that its supposed to clamp to the cable housing but if someone can explain the method to me that would be great!!!! The one I bought is exactly like the one offered by Motion Pro and some guys here on the forums said they have used a similar tool which is sold by this company and here is a link, just scroll down and you will see the cable luber and cable lube in a can.

One end of the rubber tube is open and the opposite end has a small slit. By turning the silver knob on top it opens the rubber tube and once its closed it just compresses it back.

Please if anyone can offer info that would be great and appreciated.

G-Force Junkie 10-20-2004 2:00 AM

Re: Cable luber tool
One end should be larg enough for the end of the cable, disconnect if from the lever. Then other end you should be able to put the red spray tube from an aerosol can. Clamp it all down an spray. Work the cable back and forth and flush untill crud stops comming out. WD40 works well for this, then shoot it with some sort of spray lube.

JWHT 10-20-2004 4:16 AM

Re: Cable luber tool
Oh i see. I'll have to give it a shot tomm, thanks for your help.

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