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Northern RR 11-05-2004 8:35 PM

new 15T front sprocket
I just got back from the dealership were I had my cam chain tensioner replaced and my speedo checked out for not working. The funny thing is they also had a 15 tooth front sprocket there for me when I got there...I dont know who would have ordered such a thing? After an hour or two in the shop(for the warranty stuff) I got my bike back with the new gearing in it...WHAT A DIFFERENCE...after the 40 minute ride home, I was convinced that they changed the cams not just the tensioner...second feels closer to what first did, third like second and so on and so on...much better, my roll ons in sixth are still a little less than what I want but, next year when I get my pipe and power comander that should all be old news.
Just thought that I would let everyone know that I am happy to have changed the gearing on my bike, and that it is highly recomended if you are looking for a cheap/easy way to go a lot faster off of the line.

Bacchus 11-05-2004 11:14 PM

Re: new 15T front sprocket
I've done the "one down in front" on my last 3 bikes (CBR900, CBR600F4i, current 954). Awesome difference! And for like $25. I just love the increase in acceleration! :thumb:

gimpsta 11-06-2004 3:46 AM

Re: new 15T front sprocket
heck i thought the same thing, only doing -1 +2

yes for people who spend thousands on engine mods, they really need to look into $200 dollars for a lighter set up and a gearing change.

maRRtin 11-06-2004 1:45 PM

Re: new 15T front sprocket
Did my post disappear?


ConqSoft 11-06-2004 1:46 PM

Re: new 15T front sprocket

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