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MedTechRR 03-21-2005 6:44 PM

Suckass driveway!!
Well, the snow if finally starting to melt and the days are getting warm enough to ride but along with the melting snow comes a nice slippery driveway coverd with mud. My bikes are stored in my fathers garage since I don't have a garage at my new house. It'd really suck having to drive thru the mud every time I want to go for a ride and it'd also suck to drive to my fathers garage every time I want to ride. If only I had $10k to pave the driveway. Damn this sucks!!

phobiaphobe 03-21-2005 6:58 PM

Re: Suckass driveway!!
If only you hadn't spent all that money on brewing home-piss.

CBR929RE 03-21-2005 7:04 PM

Re: Suckass driveway!!
I feel your pain. My shed is way in the back of the yard and where my moms garden was/will be again is about 20 feet in front of it and right now where I had shoveled a path its a bunch of mud right where the garden fence was. I took the bike out saturday for the first time. Me and a friend backed both of our bikes out and it wasn't all that bad with 2 of us. But coming home I was riding it back there and going nice and close and my back wheel kicked let about 4 or 5 inches in the mud. not too much trouble.

I might have worked out a deal with my dad to put his snow blower in the shed for the summer and I can put my bike in the garage where the snowblower is. he also just bought a big protable table to put his saw on so I told him it would work perfect if he put the snowblower off to the side in the shed then the saw can go right in the middle in front of the door, perfect fit.

MedTechRR 03-21-2005 7:09 PM

Re: Suckass driveway!!

Originally Posted by phobiaphobe
If only you hadn't spent all that money on brewing home-piss.

hmmm, around $500 for brewing equip. versus $10k to pave the 100ydx15ft driveway. Yeah, I'm screwed for a while! Guess I'll take lessons from ND4SPD so I can turn onto my driveway at 90MPH!! :rotfl:

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