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bubba 07-20-2005 1:41 PM

Scotty dead
I guess he beamed up his last person

phobiaphobe 07-20-2005 1:42 PM

Re: Scotty dead
I can't do it captain... I can't reach the control panel!

ReaperAZ 07-20-2005 1:44 PM

Re: Scotty dead

sheepofblue 07-20-2005 2:12 PM

Re: Scotty dead
Sounds like an amazing guy that was likely a hoot to be around, may he RIP.

WetShrub 07-20-2005 2:43 PM

Re: Scotty dead

In 1974 he married Wende Braunberger, and their children were Eric, Thomas and Sarah, who was born in 2000, when Doohan was 80.
Wow. He can keep anything running!

abtech 07-20-2005 2:55 PM

Re: Scotty dead
aye captain, she's wallowing around like a garbage scow . . . I don't think I can give ye any more . . .

godspeed Scotty

CBR929RE 07-20-2005 3:05 PM

Re: Scotty dead
there was an episode of The Family Guy that had William Shatner in it. I think he put it best after Meg ran him over with the car "beam me up God"

Tornado bait 07-20-2005 3:15 PM

Re: Scotty dead

Newfie TLR 07-20-2005 3:30 PM

Re: Scotty dead
I was never a Star Trek fan, but I did like him.

RIP & God Speed

rumpy 07-20-2005 3:52 PM

Re: Scotty dead
RIP mate:(

dbgoff 07-20-2005 4:36 PM

Re: Scotty dead
heres to you Scotty...(holding up a glass of Romulan Ale)....God speed.

asiliat 07-20-2005 4:39 PM

Re: Scotty dead
God Speed Mr. Doohan. It's been nice to have watched you work.

Zop 07-21-2005 3:50 AM

Re: Scotty dead
R.I.P. Scotty
God Speed

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