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deftones156 09-03-2005 5:58 PM

900RR no lights/power
So I went to fire up my '96 900RR yesterday, and I fired it up the first time and she turned over but didn't catch, so I went to fire it up a second time and nothing happened. I looked down and I had no lights on the cluster. Absolutely nothing. I checked the ignition fuse, and the 30 amp fuse right by the battery and those are both good. I also had the battery tested today and it is fine as well. All the wires look to be securely connected. So...with my limited knowledge exhausted I am basically saying :idunno:

Anyone have any ideas?

It's so gorgeous outside today...perfect for riding!! :crying:

Andrew1400 09-03-2005 8:40 PM

Re: 900RR no lights/power
Make sure to check the ground wire that it is firmly/cleanly attached to the bike.
Good luck! Nothing worse than staring at your bike on a nice day :crying:

deftones156 09-03-2005 9:51 PM

Re: 900RR no lights/power
The ground is connected well...I think it may be the ignition switch? Any thoughts? :idunno:

deftones156 09-08-2005 2:01 PM

Re: 900RR no lights/power
I tried to jump it and even tried a new battery to rule that out, but to no avail. I also spoke with a service tech and he said that if it were the R/R I would still be able to jump it. Based on it not being either one of those, and the fact that the fuses & connections all look good, I am left to believe it's the ignition switch.

Anyone have any thoughts? Am I way off base???

BDA116 09-08-2005 2:07 PM

Re: 900RR no lights/power
What about that red switch thingy on the right handlebar?

deftones156 09-08-2005 2:58 PM

Re: 900RR no lights/power
wouldn't I get dash lights when I turn the key though? Or did you mean is it "on" when I try to start the bike (yes, it is).

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