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69TEQ 07-01-2006 7:08 AM

94 900RR Swingarm question
unfortunately, when i was hit by a police car,, he managed to bend my swing arm,, i would like to replace with an excellent condition second hand one, to cut down the repair cost.. i have seen many advertised, but they seem to be from the 92, 93 and 95 models.. are these the same,, if so , are there any other years that had the same swing arm that i could use with the other original peices that didnt get damaged in the accident.:hmm:

Any help would be greatly appreciated,, thanks :)

dmack 07-02-2006 1:04 AM

Re: 94 900RR Swingarm question
The 93-94 bikes were definately the same. Not sure beyond that.

[email protected] 07-03-2006 5:00 AM

Re: 94 900RR Swingarm question
92-95 (SC28)
96-99 (SC33)

japanese900rr 07-25-2006 3:52 AM

Re: 94 900RR Swingarm question
92-95 were the same, when they changed to 96-97, they made the swingarm slightly different. In the earlier stages of the 900rr, Honda tried some "Flex" technology where some flexing of the frame and swingarms was thought to improve track riding. There's a lot of info around the net on Fireblades and their differences each time a new one came out. eBay has a nice assortment of swingarms of different years. if you don't care much about differences, my understanding is that 92-97 will bolt on without problems. I dunno but 98-99 conversions have been seen as well. Forks-only up 1997 unless you want to hassle with rims, calipers, and rotors....

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