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Derbarbarian 08-29-2006 2:09 AM

929 decals
So i'm looking for the new rear decal that says 929 on them, opposed to the White decal i'm looking for the Black/red. like below.. i found one site that has em they're kinda expensive, not sure if anyone else had any ideas of where i might be able to get em :-/..

HondaGalToo 08-29-2006 6:13 AM

Re: 929 decals
I think Tapeworks has them, too.

SuperDave 08-29-2006 10:51 AM

Re: 929 decals
Yea, I got mine done from Tapeworks (red/black 929RR decal).

I had to view their archives for an example, happened to be a yellow blue 929RR decal someone had done and I referenced that picture # and described the size decal I wanted. I was very pleased with the work. It's nerve wracking putting them on and worrying about air bubbles or tearing it, but it went on fine.

Here's a blurry picture. :D

SpikedLemon 08-29-2006 1:35 PM

Re: 929 decals

Derbarbarian 08-29-2006 4:16 PM

Re: 929 decals
Is that a custom order through tapeworks? i'm looking like a mad man and i'm not seeing them..

HondaGalToo 08-29-2006 4:57 PM

Re: 929 decals
Try this kit: 1123, 929 Number Plates
It says the 929RR stickers can be purchased separately. Is that the 929 stickers you're looking for, the ones on the tailpiece?

Derbarbarian 08-29-2006 5:15 PM

Re: 929 decals
Hm, yea, 20 bucks a pop.. i suppose you get what you pay for.. i'll have to give them a call.

Draylob 08-30-2006 1:41 AM

Re: 929 decals
The custom cut carbon fiber look for the "929RR CBR and Honda Wing" looks really good on my bike

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