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Fastrr 09-02-2006 12:13 AM

2000 and newer
Ok so kick me in the a_s for not knowing anything about the SP-1 or SP-2 models. Are both the V engine RC51? Or is an SP-2 the 929rr or 954rr? Why did i see a picture of an RC51 that had a decal on the side saying " VTR?" I thought all RC51's were RVT? Sorry, guess i'm stuck in the 1990's.

And on this 2000 and newer Honda models... why can't the factory ECU be remapped for aftermarket exhausts, etc? Is it cost prohibitive? Yeah yeah don't tell me about that's why people buy PowerCommanders. Surely a computer guru could remap a stock ECU?... or is that what the PCII/PCIII does... acts as a sort of hard-drive program for the stock ECU?

Hey, don't beat me up... i'm just asking :D

BDA116 09-02-2006 12:34 AM

Re: 2000 and newer
They are both the RC-51 over here. In euroland they were called the SP-1 and SP-2. They SP-2 has a few upgrades making it the more desirable version.

Same answer on the VTR. In the States, we know it as the RVT RC-51, Elsewhere, it is the VTR SP-1/2.

Honda just flat doesn't make their ECUs programmable. It can not be done, wrong hardware. You can buy the HRC versions that are programmable, but it is less expensive to buy the PowerCommander.

No, the PowerCommander doesn't act as a hard drive for the ECU. It lies inline between the ECU and the injectors and adds to or takes away from the amount of fuel the ECU tells the injectors to give.

Red Rider 09-02-2006 11:25 AM

Re: 2000 and newer
:clap: Wow...a nice, informative non-inflammatory reply from BDA! :poke: You got repped!! :rotfl:

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