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Nxn_live 05-22-2007 2:52 AM

What the hell....
Has anyone ever noticed that (at least on my bike) the show photo's put out by honda of the 2006 red/black 1000rr has a black swingarm, yet every one I've seen in person came with a silver one. What the hell, I'm about ready to have mine powder coated. It looks great, but I've yet to see one, and I'm sure if I do, it'll be because that guy already had his painted. Was it something that got changed last minute, or just something out there to tease you.

Anyone know?

openclassRR 05-22-2007 3:37 AM

Re: What the hell....
I'm not 100% sure, but I think the 2006 euro versions and maybe everywhere else except US model RR's have the black swingarm.
Then for 07 they're all black, including US models

GMac 05-22-2007 4:25 AM

Re: What the hell....
Yes, I think so. I live in Hungary and here the '06 models have black swingarm

tpgpz 05-22-2007 9:25 AM

Re: What the hell....
I powder coated mine and the rear sets too...looks pretty good. Was not all that expensive.

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