1. What do you think they should do?
  2. Lots of lime in water line
  3. Most expensive thing you ..................
  4. If you gave me tickets to the World Series
  5. This week's caption...
  6. What are you listening to right now?
  7. online Exercise help
  8. Portable On Demand Music
  9. Now you see me, now...
  10. How tall are you really?
  11. Porta-Potty Prank
  12. Things you like
  13. Microsoft EULA for Vista
  14. School Project Poll
  15. I sooo should get this:
  16. Hitlers car stolen...
  17. Star Trek, here we come!
  18. Problem with DVD-R being seen in windows as a CD-R
  19. Don't shave your...
  20. Ha! I love it
  22. Vitamins, supplements and flying
  23. laptop touch pads and mysterious backspace action
  24. The Biggest Loser
  25. IE 7 to be released
  26. Telemarketing phone call
  27. I live in Redneckville
  28. What's an iGallop? (NWS)
  29. The game of "Tag" is banned
  30. I hate pedophiles.
  31. Who should pay for College
  32. Ever put your elbow through a $139 million Picasso?
  33. First College Visit.
  34. Radius authentication through PIX 506e
  35. Video iPod virus
  36. What is your career?
  37. Perv caught on MySpace
  38. Job Offer
  39. Russian name........ (NSFW)
  40. Mom's in the hospital...
  41. She's so sweet! Awww...
  42. fried coca-cola!?
  43. All we want to do is eat your brains...
  44. Time to buy a home in a few months, need advice for a first time home buyer
  45. Caffeine Abuse in Young Americans
  46. Never Forget
  47. Happy Boss's Day
  48. Lawn Care
  49. Xmas gift
  50. He's coming right for us!!! When owls attack...
  51. Marijuana Helps the Taliban
  52. How bad do the Dolphins suck
  53. Problem viewing videos
  54. How ya'll makin out in that snow?
  55. Anyone Have a Bird Feeder?
  56. electrical wiring to garage??
  57. Triumph the dog
  58. SEAL dives on grenade
  60. What is everyone going to be for Halloween?
  61. Cracked Disk
  62. Guiness world record (Cycling)
  63. Land of Confusion a la Disturbed
  64. Blue Angels
  65. eBay
  66. C.H.P. Here I come!
  67. Pyrex sucks!
  68. Appendicitis orrrrrr......
  69. Oklahoma University Football fans
  70. Alabama Hockey invades Michigan!