1. Elvis has left the building - or - I'm on vacation
  2. A little computer help please???
  3. Scientists Claim, with new discovery, they may even be able to save the French!
  4. CBR929RE, you missed the cut
  5. Scientists finally catch up with random development
  6. Goblet of Fire
  7. I hope Bubba didn't pay this much
  8. Holy smokes batman!
  9. So my buddy loans me CoD2
  10. Paypal coupon code
  11. Trans-orbital lobotomy
  12. The common cold!!
  13. Fast Food: What's your poison
  14. Lost credit card question
  15. WTF is this???
  16. PS2 Boots up in B/W
  17. Question for iPod owners
  18. Can you pass the third grade?
  19. Tailgates and truck MPG revisited
  20. Glock AD by U.S. federal agent
  21. Clockwork Lime: a wind-up.
  22. What brand underwear do you like?
  23. BDA116
  24. Time to flee Jersey
  25. Saving Private Ryan on TNT
  26. Battlefield 2 on Xbox Live
  27. On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets:An Empirical Study
  28. Property Tax
  29. So, where is that little crotch critter.......
  30. Scotty grounded on earth- search for dilithium crystals continues.
  31. Thoughts and Prayers for a Friend Please
  32. E-bay reporting
  33. Anyone here ever been in marriage counseling?
  34. VPN question
  35. Who will be the first polyorchid? (NWS)
  36. Career Change
  37. How not to drink a shot...
  38. School yard fight
  39. Since we're on an aviation kick this AM: Boeing Record
  40. Australia seeks more palatable name for kangaroo steaks.
  41. Bait car videos
  42. Hows the weather?
  43. Tires for Your Cage
  44. New holiday cooking alternative
  45. New Jeep
  46. Texas Tech Football Coach Does the Weather
  47. Separated at Birth?
  48. Any one wear a Suunto watch?
  49. Need to buy a Laptop for work, how much is deductable?
  50. Calling all Geeks, quick question
  51. Harmonica for Dummies?
  52. 60g iPod Photo
  53. Do you believe aliens exist?
  54. Cell Phone Bandit
  55. Johnnycrash
  56. Cool Sky Diving Video
  57. Happy Veterans Day
  58. Mo's new baby.
  59. How not to ski jump....
  60. 400 "Channels" and nothing on....
  61. Happy Birthday LtcOliverNorth
  62. A Mac for me?
  63. The Japanese will save the world
  64. Have you thanked a Veteran today?
  65. Give me a dollar
  66. Whoa! Job Promotion
  67. British Army being even sillier
  68. The Royal Navy being silly
  69. Foil hats really help 'them'
  70. If WW2 was fought by online gamers...