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  1. interesting campaign sign
  2. Democrats take House...Senate next?
  3. GOP using "robocalls" with new tactic
  4. Military Times editorial: "Rumsfeld Must Go"
  5. 2006 Mid-Terms: Congressional Power Shuffle?
  6. Vote tomorrow! *TODAY*
  7. Hussein sentenced to death.
  8. Death of a President
  9. Is Kerry toast? (Stuck in Iraq)
  10. Anyone else hear or see this?
  11. Voting Machine Firm...sold to a company with links to Chavez in Venezuela?
  12. The Dixie Chicks Fire Back
  13. Does the head of FEMA need to have disaster management experience?
  14. The Real Story: Iraq Video
  15. Is there something going on again?
  16. US Housing Prices have Record Drop
  17. Who are my constituents?
  18. Stay the course by adapting
  19. Kevin Tillman Slams the "War"
  20. CA Politics: Brown Sued for Not Meeting AG Qualifications
  21. No More Habeas for Aliens
  22. State of LA should pay Fema $335m
  23. Political Quiz
  24. Some interesting economic numbers
  25. Iraq Violence = Tet Offensive?
  26. Olbermann on the end of Habeus Corpus
  27. End Women's Suffrage!
  28. Carbon Trading
  29. Is the economy really strong?
  30. Why report the truth when you can buy into the hype?
  31. Oil to be traded in Euros ?
  32. The Lancet: Iraq casualty report...
  33. Congress starts screwing with the National Airspace System
  34. Congressional Ethics:
  35. Mexico complaining to UN about fence
  36. North Korea tests Nuke
  37. What do you think of Denny Hastert?
  38. Letter from a soldier
  39. CA AG Candidates: Poochigan and Brown Debating Live Now
  40. Bob Woodward interview on 60 minutes
  41. A violation of freedom of speech?
  42. Terrorists are Winning?
  43. Verification of Bush Voter Stereotypes
  44. Meeting Bingo
  45. Global warming two views
  46. What about ISP's being forced to retain records?
  47. More US rights going out the window
  48. Rioting in Budapest
  49. Coup in Thailand
  50. Anyone seen this video? (9/11)
  51. More evil American prison news
  52. Utah Police break up Rave in Spanish Fork
  53. Important Court Case Regarding the Second Amendment
  54. Dems crying over factual depiction?
  55. Harvard Invites Khatami to Speak 9-10
  56. Old CNN story on Anti-Terrorism Laws
  57. Michael Moore vs. Fred Phelps
  58. why Republicans and Democrats both suck...
  59. Iran or North Korea?
  60. Tomorrow should be fun...
  61. Star wars
  62. Texas Sheriffs Say Terrorists Entering US from Mexico
  63. America: A beacon of freedom.
  64. Is Bush responsible for Iran's nuclear ambitions?
  65. Further Erosion of the 1st Ammendment
  66. NSA Wiretapping Declared Unconstitutional
  67. Photo Fraud
  68. Press giving terrorists ideas?
  69. We need to become Iranís mosquito
  70. Sadly I left without a wife