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1993 cbr900rr

  1. Well, it COULD be time for a change once again......

    General Discussion
    Be fair: in anyone's opinion, as a serious buyer in the market for a restomodded 93 900RR, professionally maintained with several add-ons and trick parts, and presumably less than 15k miles (probably only less than 2k on refreshed motor from 2014)....... what should it fetch? Thanks
  2. New Member Shrek = 93 Restoration

    New to the forum and just picked up a 93 CBR900RR is bad shape for a complete restoration. My wife and I used to ride a 93 model 20 years ago and could not pass up bringing back to life to relive those memories. The bike is rough, been in a barn for 5 years, was dropped and it bad shape. The...