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  1. 1994 CBR900rr

    General Discussion
    Please help, I have a cbr900rr that is not going over 108mph at all. not jetted everything stock. I ride it on the freeway mostly. I use 91oct gas and service it more often than usual. just replaced the spark plugs,fuel pump, stator, regulator, chain, oil, fuel and air filters, clutch plates...
  2. CBR 600 F2 1994 - Fuel overflow

    General Discussion
    Hello everyone. I'm really new to the forum here, so hoping someone can help me. I've just bought a neglected 600 F2 1994 model which has sat for some time. I've replaced battery and got it to crank over. It leaked fuel everywhere, so I took off the fairings, stripped it down to the head...
  3. 1994 CBR600 Carb Hose Assy help

    General Discussion
    For a couple weeks now I've been working on a 94 cbr600 that I just bought trying to get it started again. I think I am 99% there I just need to get everything put back together correctly. Could anyone post a picture of their carb assembly connected to their bike please? I need to make sure that...
  4. 94 CBR900rr Thoughts on Aftermarket Fairings

    General Discussion
    I am acquiring a 1994 CBR900rr. The previous owner was essentially building the bike from the ground up and the bike is good. The biggest thing I noticed was the fairings (black, yellow, purple) have a few problems with them like a 1" hole in the side fairing and a couple cracks. The front...
  5. Help.. Want to update 94 900rr fairings..

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    I'm currently in the middle of a project.. I have a 94 900rr.. I'm looking for a way to update my front fairings to either the 95 or 99 model ... Is this even possible... I really just want to lose the round headlights.. I actually chopped the subframe behind the support for the rear seat... I'm...
  6. CBR900rr Streetfighter nearly finished

    I have taken a mint condition 1994 CBR900rr, chopped the tail, and streetfightered it. I live in Thailand. Here is what has been done: Paint is a flat metallic silver – from 2010 Harley Sportster I bought a whole new tail and undertray on ebay for $75. Chopped and powdercoated it. The tiny...