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  1. CA 97 CBR 900RR

    Motorcycles For Sale
    I have a 1997 CBR 900RR for sale, it has 12,400 will increase a bit but not much since I used it for commute, reason for selling is I need the money. The bike is mechanically sound but is due for a valve adjustment. The carbs have been rebuilt about a year ago, and just been cleaned and synced...
  2. 1997 CBR 900RR Question.

    Review My Ride
    Hello there, got myself this 1997 CBR 900RR for my first Honda Sports bike. Had previously ridden a Vulcan 750 but wanted to enjoy the road a little more. I am looking for some opinions on the value of this bike. I am new to the Fireblade's but love the ride and will keep for a while. Mods...