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  1. Honda FireBlade
    Hey can anyone throw me some suggestions about my 97 900rr fireblade? My bike keeps dying after about 10 miles then won't start for a couple hours. I just bought a new petcock but haven't put the tank and fairings back on yet due to painting. Also can anyone send my pics of every hose and...
  2. Motorcycles For Sale
    I have a 1997 CBR 900RR for sale, it has 12,400 will increase a bit but not much since I used it for commute, reason for selling is I need the money. The bike is mechanically sound but is due for a valve adjustment. The carbs have been rebuilt about a year ago, and just been cleaned and synced...
  3. Review My Ride
    Hello there, got myself this 1997 CBR 900RR for my first Honda Sports bike. Had previously ridden a Vulcan 750 but wanted to enjoy the road a little more. I am looking for some opinions on the value of this bike. I am new to the Fireblade's but love the ride and will keep for a while. Mods...
1-3 of 3 Results