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  1. ISO 98 CBR900rr Fairings

    I'm look for the middle fairings and possibly upper cowl for my 98 cbr900rr rebuild. Scratches are fine, just no broken. If there's cracks, I can fix those so long as they are not at the mounting points. I will be painting them, so color doesn't really matter. The only options I can find online...
  2. Iphone 5 mount for 1998 900rr??

    Honda FireBlade
    Anyone know a cheap, simple and easy way to safely mount an iphone 5 on the gas tank or any where else? My issue is my Fireblade has a 1997 motor on it and the speedo is a 1998 and its not compatible. I have mounted a usb port on the handle bars. I just cant seem to find a mounting setup I like...
  3. New Honda Owner

    What's up everyone. I am a new Honda rider but not a new rider by far. M old bike was a '06 GSXR 600 SE, and after going down back in '08 I just haven't really had the money to get back on the ground until now. But where are my manors, my names is Manish but my rider name on the set is...
  4. '98 CBR900RR Starting issues

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys newbie on this forum and with motorcycle mechanicing lol. Just bought my '98 CBR900rr about two weeks ago in rough condition. It looked to have been wrecked by the owner before the one I purchased it from. It has been sitting for who knows how long. I know for sure it needed some TLC...
  5. My Baby

    My Baby

    me on my baby.
  6. 1998 SuperHawk - Wrecked/Clear Title

    Motorcycles For Sale
    I have a 1998 SuperHawk for sale, bike was recently crashed during a test drive. I was looking to sell the bike prior so I'm in no position to want to fix it so it may serve someone on here better purpose. Bike has 8000 miles. Engine, Trans and clutch are perfect. The pipes have been damaged...
  7. 98 CBR900RR for sale

    Motorcycles For Sale
    I lost vision in one of my eyes last month in an accident and will no longer be able to ride my 98 Honda CBR 900RR. I bought the bike last year knowing the carbs were slightly congested and needed to be cleaned out to run efficiently. I rode it a handful of times last year, and it has sat in my...
  8. Robsense, only missing some of it

    Hi guys(and gals) :) Been lurkin around the forum to get some pointers before the investment, and now it's done. Happy owner of a black and silver 1998 919 fireblade, aahw, don't you just love saying that name, fireblade! Epic:) Anyways, bought my baby about two months ago, and already managed...
  9. My bike

    My bike