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2001 929

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    Hello everybody.. I just bought a fireblade year 2001.. To b honest i dont have a lot of experiance on super bikes.. So if you can give me some tips, that would really b great..
  2. Introductions
    Trying to get my 01 CBR 929 to run. I have what looks to me to be a weak spark. I have dealt with high energy ignitions on cars ( MSD, HEI, Mallory, etc.) which produce bright blue spark but my bike is shooting dim orange spark. It is the same on all cylinders. I have ohm tested the coil packs...
  3. General Discussion
    hey whats up brothers.. i just recently bought my 2001 929 love it has so much power..but i just did some routine maintenance and now im hearing a rattling noise,...i got the chain adjusted and lubed, new tires front and back dunlop q2 sportmax(great tires) and did the front i took it...