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  1. HELP!! exhaust leak?!

    Honda FireBlade
    i was riding my recently purchased 2001 929rr. stopped to get something to eat with the gf and went to pull out of the parking lot and boof sounded like the headers came off. ride it home and took fairings our only to find all of the bolts were tight. started it up and felt air coming out of a...
  2. 2001 Honda CBR 929RR Rebuilt Video Finally up!

    General Discussion
    Hope everyone had a great Holiday and New Year!! Hope everyone has a great 2017 too! I have finally put together a video of my bike fully rebuilt and a parts list associated with most of the stuff done to it! Feel free to comment and suggest anything! Also if you would like more info on...
  3. Used CBR600 F4I question

    Honda CBR 600
    Hello guys, I'm checking out a 2001 F4I for 2500$ in erie, Pennsylvania tomorrow. It has 17k miles and it has all maintenance up to date except for the valves haven't been checked at all and needs a new back tire. The kicker is though it has a rebuilt title from the 1st owner having a low...
  4. 2001 Cbr 929rr

    2001 Cbr 929rr

    2001 CBR 929RR
  5. 01 f4i fuel tank leak

    Honda CBR 600
    I took the fuel pump out while putting a new therm gasket in and when I put it back on it dripped quite a bit. When I took it off it had the regular gasket and then another one cut to sit on on top of that gasket. So I bought a new one and when I put that it and tightened it down it pissed fuel...
  6. Hey guys, jumping right into it...

    Hey guys, I bought a 1995 F3 back in summer of 2011, and then sold it and upgraded to a 2001 F4i in summer of 2012. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Had to replace the CAM Chain Tensioner on both bikes, which is standard, but other than that I have no complaints! However recently I have been having my F1...
  7. f4i f1 light

    Honda CBR 600
    I just bought an 01 CBR 600 f4i, was working just fine when i bought it, the only real problem was that the engine cut off switch doesnt work. now i can ride it for around 5 minutes then it flashes the f1 light quickly and the bike cuts off. After the first cut off, it quickly gets worse and...
  8. Starting problems

    General Discussion
    I just bought a 2001 CBR600 f4i. when i first turn it over, it starts fine, but after i ride it for a bit and try to turn it back over i have to give it a little gas for it to start again. it also has a flashing oil indicator and a solid red light. is something major wrong with it?
  9. Please help!

    Honda CBR 600
    I cant find anyone with my exact problem so Ill ask. Please help! I bought my 2001 f4i a month ago and the guy I bought it from said the battery is two years old but he charged it and it works fine. I got it home and it started fine. After riding for about 30 minutes I shut it off and went to...
  10. 2000 Honda CBR929RR Parts For Sale

    For Sale
    I have stock component parts for sale from 2000 CBR929RR. Everything is in great condition unless otherwise stated. You pay shipping. Location of parts is MI 48336. Front Forks with ~2000 miles $300obo Rear Shock with ~2000 miles $100obo Foot pegs with mounting brackets, gear shift lever...
  11. Rookie with a 929 undertaking

    Greetings, all! I'm new to the forum as well as riding but took the chance and went ahead and I just purchased a 2001 CBR 929RR for crazy cheap. There's TONS to do on it but I love a good in depth project! Here's my mentality going in: Seeing as how I've never ridden I'd feel way more...
  12. 2001 CBR929RR

    Motorcycles For Sale
    Track Bike, 10,200 miles, Race Tech front springs and valves, Ohlins rear shock, Scotts dampener, Sharkskins bodywork painted black, Hotbodies tail and under tray, Erion exhaust system, safety wired, steel braided front hoses, HRC front pads, Sato rear sets, have some street parts (front lights...
  13. 2001 cbr 929rr

    Motorcycles For Sale
    2001 cbr 929rr for sale: locatiion - cookeville tn 38506 mileage - 19000 vin # JH2SC440X1M104403 extra's - sharkskins fiberglass upper fairing"replaces upper and mid" custom paint custom undertail "with integrated stop,tail,turn" custom gp style exhaust "hotbodies megaphone tip" stock enkei...