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  1. Honda CBR 600
    ok so a buddy of mine bought a 99 CBR 600 F something and brought it to me to check out from what I can tell the clutch is no fully engaging the bike runs good but barely moves he told me the guy the he bought it off of said it ran good before he changed the clutch cable then it started doing...
  2. General Discussion
    Hello gents, recently went down and bent my front wheel, forks, triple stem, ect. I've gone through and replaced everything except the wheel and my question is: Will a 04CBR600RR wheel fit on my 04CBR1000RR? I am mainly concerned about my rotors fitting, and braking ability. I plan to swap the...
  3. Honda FireBlade
    hey i recently bought an 03 cbr 954. when i bought it, it had no second gear ( only paid 1900). you can cruise in second slowly but as soon as you pick up, it kicks out. now that i have it i want to know what im looking at to fix it. new trans? gear forks? what? every gear is fine and everything...
  4. 2003 F4i

    2003 F4i

    35k miles and counting
  5. For Sale
    I have an 06 cbr600rr motor with 3000 miles also have rear rim swingarm computer seats gas tank battery tray undertail section led aftermarket tail light rear subframe will sell all together for 1100 plus shipping or 900 for motor and the rest just pm me for prices or email me [email protected]
  6. Articles: Honda RC51
    Hey! I had an accident in my 2005 rc51 last week and the front right suspension was hit pretty bad so I need to replace it. However I can't find the front suspension for the 2005 rc51 and my friend told me that the cbr 600/1000rr 2005/2006 have the same suspension so I'm thinking about getting a...
  7. Electronics
    Hey everyone, I'm having the hardest time finding a cdi for a 01 Honda Shadow vt600. My wiring harness has 2 plus on is a 4 pin other is a 6 pin. I have found CDI's but they are 1 big plug. Does anyone make after market CDI's? and if so can you post a link? Or if you or anyone you know has a...
  8. Honda CBR 600
    As most people are, I am trying to push some more horses through my 600cc motor. I have been contemplating many things like fabricating a turbo and converting to fuel injection and stuff like that but that just seems expensive. Also dropping a tooth or so in the front and adding some in the...
  9. After the wreck

    After the wreck

  10. Honda CBR 600
    i have a 92 f2 and i installed integrated brake lights and now none of my blinkers will work. I can make them turn on but not blink or work i redid the wiring 4x's and still nothing. Plus i changed the blinker relay and hand switch but no luck. Please help me fix this problem
  11. General Discussion
    hey everyone, i was wondering what it took to make the 1 HI/1 Low headlights into Dual low beams on my 04 600f4i. thanks
  12. General Discussion
    Is it possible to put the 2004 600RR headlight assembly and front cowl on my 2004 600f4i? I like the RR headlight setup better, so just curious
  13. General Discussion
    A few questions. How important is the radiator? Can I ride my bike with a broken one? Also, how hard is it to install a 2000 F4 radiator on a 2006 F4i? For the most part the hoses are all in the same spot with the exception of the fluid reserve, which is in the front on the 2000 model. How...
  14. Honda CBR 600
    Hi, Im new to the site and as im having to use my phone the search doesn't wanna work so I'll just get to the problem. Occasionally my 1999 cbr600 FX stutters after riding a few miles and then loses power and cuts out. I then have to wait awhile with the choke on full and try turning it over...
  15. Introductions
    Howdy Peeps, New to the site so just introduce myself. I'm Liam aka leez. Just got back into riding after a serious accident at the end of last year. Lost a beautiful X11 and broke my hand and fractured my spine. But recently got a beautiful 1999 cbr600 FX and loving the riding again. Well...
  16. For Sale
    Complete set of Honda OEM clutch fibers (plates), NEW in plastic Were purchased for a 929/954 but according to EBC they will fit the following models Fits Honda CB600F 599 2004 and 2006, CBR600 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998, CBR900RR 1993-1995, CBR929RR 2000-2001, CBR954RR...
  17. My Stretched F3

    My Stretched F3

  18. Honda CBR 600
    first off the bike ran it ran good too, well as good as a bike would run with no chain but still...then one day went out to mess with it agin and no spark,i bought as a project bike had no plastics or gas tank..have a fuel pump tho...but for some reason it wont start not getting any spark and...
  19. General Discussion
    saturday i charged for my battery 2 hours and sunday it charged for 12 hours. after the first charge Sat it started up fine 3 times and forth it wouldn't. Now today after it was charged i started up about 13 to 14 times (not all back to back) them on the last one it didnt, its like it rested...
  20. Wanted
    Looking for 600cc Honda, any year, any amount of miles, any color, must run well and be up to date with DMV fees (or at least not too behind). Please NO Stunting bikes. Laid down is okay, as long as everything is straight and still holds a clean title. Fighter style welcomed (street legal...