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900 rr

  1. charging issue, r/r question

    Honda FireBlade
    I've been trying to isolate a charging issue on my 97 900rr, I've gone through everything once and am just trying to see if anyone has input. I've found its only running off battery its not charging from stator, the running load is .4 amps and with lights 6.8amps. Battery after trickle charge is...
  2. 900rr FUEL PUMP-HELP!!!!!

    Honda FireBlade
    I need some help/advice on why my 95' 900rr won't start.. It started a couple weeks ago just fine. Then I changed the Plugs, oil, cleaned the carbs, and changed the battery because I had to push start it till I got a new one. It cranks over just won't start. I don't think it's getting any fuel...
  3. 1996 Honda CBR 900RR Fireblade - $3,000 obo

    Motorcycles For Sale
    Excellent condition, well cared for, never abused, always garage kept. 37k miles, mostly stock bike with exception of: Two Brothers Carbon Fiber exhaust pipe that sounds great, custom front blinkers are flush with fairing, rear blinkers are tucked into the rear fairings' "gills" (see pics). Very...
  4. Need a 98 919 Motor

    Honda FireBlade
    Need some help here... I just bought a 1998 900RR with a cracked block from a friend at work. I now need either new engine case halves, or a newly rebuilt motor. I have searched Ebay and found some engine cases, but wanted to make sure which year models would fit my engine. I am under the...
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  7. CBR 900 RR

    CBR 900 RR

    a few weeks later.. i painted this in my basement, as you see the tank isn't painted. i wanna take the tank to get a custom paint job, just haven't figured out what i want on it yet.........