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  1. Wanted
    Looking for at least the following NLA parts, please help me complete my machine, pm me with price and pics: Honda CASE, DRIVE CHAIN Part # 40510-KY2-700 Honda GUARD, R. STEP Part # 50607-KY2-710 Honda GUARD, L. STEP Part # 50707-KY2-710
  2. Honda FireBlade
    Would somebody please tell me if a 95 seat latch will fit on a 99 blade? Thanks.
  3. Review My Ride
    Hi all! I got this '96 'Blade (919 SC33) from a friend of a friend who had it sitting under a cover for 15 years. Gave it some TLC and now it's a beast again! Here she is:
  4. General Discussion
    Be fair: in anyone's opinion, as a serious buyer in the market for a restomodded 93 900RR, professionally maintained with several add-ons and trick parts, and presumably less than 15k miles (probably only less than 2k on refreshed motor from 2014)....... what should it fetch? Thanks
  5. Honda FireBlade
    I need the firing order of my 96 900rr also which cylinder is which plz and thank you
  6. Honda FireBlade
    I recently purchased the bike and the last owner was very short and had the bike lowered alot but the adjustable link is turned all the way in so I can't take it no higher the off thing I am wondering is did they turn my triangle bracket around different than the way it is supposed to go I don't...
  7. Honda FireBlade
    Hello, First of all i will apologize for my english. I'm Finnish so that will explain it.:D So i bought my first bigger bike in september, it is 1992 900rr streetfighter.:cool: I ride it a few times and it worked pretty well, then it started to run on three and the plugs were black. I...
  8. Finally!!!! Got Me One.

    97 900RR with 98 fairings.
  9. General Discussion
    Please help, I have a cbr900rr that is not going over 108mph at all. not jetted everything stock. I ride it on the freeway mostly. I use 91oct gas and service it more often than usual. just replaced the spark plugs,fuel pump, stator, regulator, chain, oil, fuel and air filters, clutch plates...
  10. Motorcycles For Sale
    I have a 1997 CBR 900RR for sale, it has 12,400 will increase a bit but not much since I used it for commute, reason for selling is I need the money. The bike is mechanically sound but is due for a valve adjustment. The carbs have been rebuilt about a year ago, and just been cleaned and synced...
  11. For Sale
    Selling my 99's 16" OEM front wheel. It can go with or without the rotors, priced accordingly. ** has rash** The bike went down on the left side, and I cleaned up the outer most part of the rim, then hit it with some black rattle to keep from corroding. It's a clean rim, and the rash is now...
  12. Honda FireBlade
    I got a 93 cbr 900rr and before I bought it looks like theyswapped the stock regulator to one from a 929. 900regulator runs 5 wires (3 yellow 1 red 1 green) And the 929 runs 7 wires (3 yellow 2 red 2 green) the 900 reg won't match the 7 wires coming from the .aim wiring harness. I have a 929...
  13. Honda FireBlade
    Hi guys, Couple years back I bought a 92' blade to use as an every day commuter. After coming across Cabby's awesome 96' blade in Performance Bikes Magazine and then finding Lambchops' build on this forum (and crashing my bike and destroying the front fairing, subframe, rear fairing and some...
  14. Motorcycles For Sale
    Hello, I am currently selling a 1995 CBR 900RR Streetfighter project. Clean title bike with 45k miles on original motor. Handlebars have been replaced with MX style bars. Bars are mounted on top of the triple tree mount with risers, cables and brake lines are new longer and rerouted to...
  15. Wanted
    Like the title says, in need of a different rad for my fireblade. Bug screen destroyed 2 fins on mine. I will check Pms often!
  16. Honda FireBlade
    Hey everyone, been a while since I've posted on here. The bike has been in good working condition, got most of the kinks out... But now that summer is upon us and I live in a very hot area, my bike has been over heating. The temp indicator says the bike is fine, but I can FEEL how hot the bike...
  17. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hey guys, having a bad day just found out my charging system is not functioning correctly AGAIN :( , recently I've bought new and changed out the stator & regulator/rectifier and it ran perfect... But today I was riding and my gaudge fuse blew out I checked my connections from my stator to the...
  18. For Sale
    Lookin for 99 900rr body parts...
  19. Introductions
    Hello everyone... just bought a 1999 cbr 900rr and am new to this site, posting pics soon.
  20. Honda FireBlade
    1999 honda fireblade 919 full winter rebuild as Repsol rcv style replica
1-20 of 75 Results