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  1. Wanted
    I'm look for the middle fairings and possibly upper cowl for my 98 cbr900rr rebuild. Scratches are fine, just no broken. If there's cracks, I can fix those so long as they are not at the mounting points. I will be painting them, so color doesn't really matter. The only options I can find online...
  2. Honda Naked Sportbikes
    That's right-altitude. I just got a 919 from a friend in Virginia. I live in Nebraska. He's been riding the bike there with no problems. It arrived here. It started, but stopped. Tried to restart. Nothing. Gas smells a hit terpy, and heh said its been sitting. Do I need to adjust the...
  3. Honda Naked Sportbikes
    Started my bike up today(2002 919, 25k miles) and I heard a very pronounced knocking noise from the engine, and the oil light was on. Turned bike off right away, checked oil level and it looked over full. The engine was still cold when I checked it. I live in Brooklyn, about 5 miles/20 mins...
  4. Honda FireBlade
    So i just got done rejetting my 98 cbr919rr,and hooked it all back up and was about to use the motion pro carb synchronizer,I had the fuel line hooked up to a fuel funnel and had the motion pro set up,started the bike and let her run,she started to run pretty high into 3500-4000 rpms and the...
  5. Honda Naked Sportbikes
    Back in 2009 I bought a brand new xr650l enduro bike and put about 20,000 miles on it before I wrecked it. I'm trying to decide what to do with the insurance money. I rarely took the dirt bike off road and think it would be more sensible for me to get a better street oriented bike. I really like...
  6. Honda Naked Sportbikes
    hello, I'm new. I have an '03 919. It's been GREAT. I probably have 200,000 miles on it. (i lost the speedo in a crash a couple years ago) I'm a motorcycle courier and ride this bike a good 100 miles everyday for work in Los Angeles traffic. SO, on the underside of the water pump which is...
  7. Swap Section
    Howdy - I have a pair of Dan Moto Carbon GT slip-ons for Honda 919's that I'm looking to trade for an extra set of stock cans for a bafflectomy. Let me know if you're interested. One side is missing the springs, $12/pair from the manufacturer. Once I get the bike back from the shop I can...
  8. Honda Naked Sportbikes
    Hey guys, I'm a brand new member located in San Diego, thinking about picking up a heavily modded 2004 919. I'll post some pics but basically its streetfighter-style, sub-frame has been cut and sharkskinz tailsection added, exhaust has been modded 2-high to 1-low, and I think thats about it for...
  9. Review My Ride
    Almost time to ride!!!
  10. 1999 Cbr 900rr Winter Project

    1999 Cbr 900rr Winter Project

    specs this is a 1999 frame ,completely rebuilt 1993-94? engine, 1997 wirring harness , guages and ignition and a 1997 front end. all fit together very nicely
  11. General Discussion
    I recently bought my 2004 Honda 919 several weeks ago and I love it! For the first couple weeks it was a blast to ride with absolutely no problems. Recently, however, Ive been having a fairly large problem: Whenever I twist the throttle all the way back, the rpms redline quickly but the bike...
  12. Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    Hey Riders, I wanted your advice on the better bar end. I have a Honda 919 (2007), which gets buzzy at the higher RPMs. I've heard that weighted bar ends can help reduce the vibrations. The two names I've heard most often are Rhino brand and Motovation brand. Anyone ever tried either, to...
  13. Review My Ride
    Hi everyone, im new to the site and I wanted to get some opinions and ideas for my 2006 Honda CB 919. Let me know what you think of her! She has an LSL side mount steering dampner, Two Brothers dual carbon exhaust, K&N air filter, Powerbronze belly pan, Oberon street fighter bar end mirror...
  14. Wanted
    Hello 919ers, I'm interested in buying a stock Honda 919 seat. Does anyone have a seat they're willing to let go? Looking for ones in perfect condition. Thanks, and enjoy riding. Bob
  15. For Sale
    My 2002 Honda 919 / CB900F / Hornet was laid down at about 5mph - very low speed - earlier this year. The bike and all components were still perfectly functional but sustained some scraping on the pavement. As a result, I decided to replace a number of parts, which are now available for sale. I...
  16. Honda Naked Sportbikes
    hey guys, I've been looking into converting my stock single headlight to a dual case headlight. Mainly was wondering if anyone out there has done this and found one that will fit into the stock brackets. So far the best thing i have found are the dominator headlights at Dominator...
  17. Honda Naked Sportbikes
    Just traded my old bike in for a 2006 919, now to start the modification process. I know the basics to shave the lights and get that ugly license bracket out of the way, but what can I do to get the most out of this very stock bike?
  18. Honda Naked Sportbikes
    My 919 isn't getting any juice. I changed the battery and am getting the same problem. I was told that it is probably something called a fusible link. I would like to save the towing and repair fees by fixing it myself. Does anyone now how to do this? Thanks, Dwayne
  19. My 919

    My 919

  20. My 919

    My 919