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  1. 929rr problem with power comander 5

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi guys ! greetings from norway, got myself a 929rr fall 2019 runns great no problems other than bad tyres from the old owner. so i got myself a powercomander 5, downloaded a map that fitted my for the problems: when startup a little rough/jumpy at rpms, strange and very random few...
  2. CBR 929rr Corbin Seat

    For Sale
    Selling a Corbin seat for CBR929rr Price 100.00 Shipped to lower 48 contact for other shipping options
  3. 2001 Honda CBR 929RR Rebuilt Video Finally up!

    General Discussion
    Hope everyone had a great Holiday and New Year!! Hope everyone has a great 2017 too! I have finally put together a video of my bike fully rebuilt and a parts list associated with most of the stuff done to it! Feel free to comment and suggest anything! Also if you would like more info on...
  4. 954rr MOTOR PART OUT

    For Sale
    I have a 954rr motor that I would to part out. It was a running motor I used as a donor for my 929rr. A lot of it is still there besides the cams, cylinder head and throttle bodies. I purchased it from a guy who used it as some type of sprint cart so the lower case is pretty rough. I also have...
  5. 929 sketchy air filter on ebay

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    Hey guys. It's about that time to replace my 929's air filter and I'm looking for affordable solutions since I'm current broke and in college lol. Well i found this ebay air filter that costs around $20 from a brand called lpmotoparts and I have no idea how to expect this thing to perform. Has...
  6. Newly Installed 929 undertail

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi guys I'm relatively new to this forum and have been lurking for a while but I thought I'd share what I've been up to with my fireblade. I purchased her at the end of January bone stock and just had to do something about rear fender blinker combo. Ordered myself a Bestem undertail kit off of...
  7. red light stays on while riding

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased my first bike ( thrilled about it :smilebig:) it's a 2001 cbr 929rr, only thing it does have a problem.. when I turn the switch on it blinks a red light once then when I turn it on it stays on while I am riding. What could it be? Should I take it to a bike shop?
  8. Might be trading into a 2000 929RR, few questions

    Honda FireBlade
    I'm looking at getting back into a sport bike and am thinking of trading my 2004 Honda VTX1300 for a 2000 CBR929RR but had a few questions. The add is posted below to the CL posting. I have taken the bike for a test ride and really enjoyed the ride, but have some concerns so I figured I'd check...
  9. Might trade my 929RR for an SP1 RC51, HELP!!

    Honda FireBlade
    Just recently I offered someone from a buy and sell site my 929 for their RC51. I sent along some nice pictures of my 929 and within a few hours or so the RC51 owner responded and said that they would like to trade. The owner sent me along some pictures of their RC51 and it looks decent apart...
  10. 929RR -01 starting sound

    Honda FireBlade
    New fireblade owner here ^^ Got a question; when I start my 929rr cold, it makes strange crackle sound for 1-2 seconds. This only happens when engine is cold. No other symptoms, only light vibration sound between 3.5-4.5k rpm. Hope you understand what I mean, tried to survive with famous...
  11. New Member and First Bike

    New Rider Orientation
    Hey everyone my name is Kevin and I just bought my first bike off a relative who let it sit for 2 years and didnt take care of it!!! This is going to be my baby and come winter you won't recognize this bike due to the stuff getting done to it. But I wanted to say hi and here are some pictures of...
  12. my 99' 900RR to 2000' 929RR fairings swap project

    Review My Ride
    process of fitting the fairings from a 2000 929RR to my 1999 900RR. Next I'm modifying the subframe from a 929RR I bought to fit my frame
  13. 2001 Cbr 929rr

    2001 Cbr 929rr

    2001 CBR 929RR
  14. 929rr electrical issue

    Honda FireBlade
    I washed my 929rr yesterday and went for a ride. I had to roll it down a hill and pop the clutch due to the battery being dead from what I thought was sitting to long. not to long ago the stator and rectifier went bad and while I was replacing I noticed the plugs for the rectifier and side stand...
  15. My Blade

    My Blade

  16. 929rr wont accelerate properly. help please?

    Honda FireBlade
    My cbr 929 when i bought it privately i thort just had a sticky throttle. It revs ok ish when slowly accelerating but under harsh throttle it goes to 6000rpm and sticks as if 6000 is the rev limiter. it occasionally then spurts out power. also when going up gears it wont go over 103mph. the...
  17. FS: 2001 CBR 929RR 16k miles, run's great, near Philly, PA

    Motorcycles For Sale
    Located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. This bike is ready to ride for the summer! Want sold ASAP so I can get a car. Bike is 100% good to go, and the riding season is just kicking in! Most importantly, it's fuel injected, so no fiddling with carburetors! I have a rare, '01...
  18. '01 929rr persistent oil leak underneath bike

    Honda FireBlade
    alright, so this oil leak that is underneath my bike hasn't gone away. If anything, it has gotten worse. After a ride, it leaks around 10-15 drops now. the oil is accumulating on the oil pan drain bolt/front lip, but the oil itself seems to be trailing down to there from the left side of the oil...
  19. the mind boggling weight of a 929rr

    Honda FireBlade
    So, like, when I was getting my 929RR sitting at 397 lbs., I was happy that it finally was going to be in the weight class of the new/newer litre bikes, as my first bike was a '94 zx9r which weighed around 470+....but today I decided to delve a little deeper into the subject and looked up the...
  20. 2001 CBR929RR left side stator cover

    Honda FireBlade
    So I got side swiped on a round about today, and of course the guy sped off and no one got plates. The bike went down, without too much damage. The left side stator cover did crack though, almost entirely. As I was taking it off though, I noticed that the actual frame itself was also cracked...