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954 02 cbr

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    Hello, I have a question that has come up. I’m slowly looking to sell my Cbr 954RR. With 1.2k miles. But the question is, I’m looking at a 2007-08 CBR 600RR. And a MT09. What would be more comfortable and street friendly out of the 3 With no mods done, the 2002 954, the 2007-07 600. Or the...
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    For sale is a 02' CBR 954RR. Has 23,000 on the odometer, custom Lamborghini orange paint (will include extra paint and code incase needed) rims, levers, and calipers powder coated candy purple, swing arm, undertail, foot pegs, and shocks powder coated matte black. All work was done about a year...