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  1. CBR 954 front fairing stays bracket on CBR 929

    Honda FireBlade
    I have a 01 CBR 929rr with an 03 954rr motor swap problem is my front fairing stay bracket doesn't hold my 03 gauges well. I want to know if a 954 bracket will fit on my 929. And if it does will my headlight and plastics from my 929 bolt up to it ... I'm new to doing forums ... any advice would...
  2. more 954 issues

    General Discussion
    on a cold start up my 954 idles at about 2k rpm till it gets to about 212 degrees fahrenheit, which i figure might be kinda normal, but if i give it some throttle before it hits that 212 degrees, the engine revs up like normal but the revs drop back down rather slow. also once it does reach that...
  3. wtb front sets cbr 929 0r 954

    i am in desperate need of both left and right front sets for a 929 or 954 or 900rr if it fits. i do not need the rear master cyl but do need everything else. text 9313028182