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954 starting issues

  1. Intermittent starting issues 954rr

    Honda FireBlade
    So I've spent endless hours reading threads pertaining to starting issues for the 954... Well here is my addition to them: 02 954rr, devil exhaust, pc3, 22k miles. Last fall it started with a bad battery after chasing down voltage issues and such. Even after new batter was installed, I...
  2. 02 cbr 954 will crank but not start?!?

    Honda FireBlade
    I recently turned my 02 fireblade into a bladerod (tail chop, blacked out frame and sub, removed all plastics and upper stay/speedo, and plasti dipped tank.) it started fine last week after I took all the plastics and headlight/speedo, then after I re connected the electrical and the tank it...