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  1. 02 954 Dash swap

    Honda FireBlade
    I am just wondering if the dash from a same year different model will work with my 02 954? Maybe a 02 600 dash? Also just got the bike. On the first ride the bike sputters BUT when you get the rpms up its a rocket. It sat for 4 years. The guy I got it from put in a new fuel pump before sale and...
  2. Replacing front forks seals on upside down forks without any special tools!

    How To Articles
    Hey guys, as part of my video logs with my track bike I replaced the upside down front fork seals on my 929 fireblade but this approach can work for most upside down forks so thought it was worth adding to this section. First video you might want to skip forward a little bit to get to the...
  3. Hey, 929 and 954 owner from the southwest.

    Hey everyone, I live in Newton Abbot down in Devon, been the proud owner of 2 fireblades since around January/February time, the 954 is a road bike that I bought from a local independent garage and I've probably done around 800 miles on since I purchased. The 929 is a track bike I bought...
  4. What are the dimensions of the exhaust pipe on 2003 954

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey everyone i am sure this question has been asked numerous times. I have searched threads and cant find an answer. I am shopping around for a slip on and am wondering what the diameter is , so i will know if any modifications are needed. I have honestly considered going back to a stock can...
  5. Honda fireblade 954 2003. Wont start! Faulty electric

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi all! I am in desperate need of help!! My 954 is being very weird. Ok so, turn the key and i have no front lights or indicators The back indicators and light are stuck on. Go to start off the button it will fire for a split second then cut out. Will not stay started. And have no lights what...
  6. 02 954 4SALE

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  7. Clean Title Parts Bike '03 CBR954RR $1799

    Motorcycles For Sale
    Clean title '03 954 for sale in Long Island, NY. Overall decent for age, cracked block necessitates a replacement engine. Good for those with a running engine looking for a bike, an off season project, or someone wanted a ton of parts. Priced out on ebay, everything included runs ~$3350. Local...
  8. Moonflowers & A Blade

    Moonflowers & A Blade

    My 03 954 in the driveway
  9. 954rr Import Help!!

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi All!! So I've seen a few threads with this question but answers were sort of vague. I'm living in Germany right now and have an opportunity to buy a gorgeous Euro Spec Repsol 954rr. I have always wanted a FireBlade and this is so perfect. However, I don't want to tease myself with it if I...
  10. CBR 954 Shift Kit, Preload Adjuster, Pair Valve Block Offs

    For Sale
    Factory Pro Evo shift kit SOLD Driven Racing Preload Adjusters $SOLD Driven Racing Pair Valve block offs SOLD Manual fan control switch $30 (mounts to upper triple tree and fan works as normal when off) Prices include shipping to lower 48 states. Payment by paypal
  11. CBR954 Speigler Brake Line Set

    For Sale
    For sale are the Speigler Front & Rear steel brake lines from my CBR954. Lines are black with black fittings and include black banjo bolts. Lines are used but in great condition. $80 or best offer shipped to the lower 48 states.
  12. 954 Blade bits for sale

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi all, I sold my old 954 Blade and am selling off some left over bits and bobs if anyones interested: Bad Dog brake and clutch shorty levers, used but in perfect condition - SOLD Haynes manual (covers the 929 and 954 Blades) - SOLD Touring screen with light tint - used with some light scuffs...
  13. 03' VFR vs. 954 CBR Need help!

    Honda Interceptor / VFR
    I have put 15k on my 03' VFR and considering something a bit faster and with better handling. I can't sell my girl but I have completely mastered her and taken her to the limits and searching for more now.From what I understand a good step up would be a 954 rr. I am a slightly above average...
  14. BST wheels from RC51 on a 954rr

    Honda FireBlade
    Been scouring the interwebs to try and find out if this is possible without too much fabrication, but does anyone have actual firsthand knowledge if the BST carbon fiber wheels from an RC51 can be retrofitted for a 954rr? I hear the OEM rear is a direct swap and the front just needs bearings and...
  15. 954 fireblade fuel line quick disconnect

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi All, Great forum for fireblade owners - well done guys. I've been lurking and enjoying many a post over the past couple of years since I bought my 2002 954 but can't find much in the way of advice on sourcing / installing quick disconnects on the fuel line to allow easier disconnection of...
  16. 954RR 4th Gear

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey Guys, I have a 2002 Honda CBR 954RR Fireblade and my 4th gear is out and was wondering how much it would cost to replace, or is it simply enough where I can replace it myself instead of a shop? It does shift into 4th gear til about 4 or 4500 RPM then it shifts down to 3rd gear on its own, so...
  17. (electrically) dead 954

    Honda FireBlade
    Morning guys, greetings from the UK Wondered if somebody could help me and my 2002 fireblade 954. I went for a ride and got about 20 miles from home. I stopped the bike for a breather and cut the bike (kill switch and then ignition off). When I went to restart, there was no power. Bit strange...
  18. 03 954 has no 2nd gear!

    Honda FireBlade
    hey i recently bought an 03 cbr 954. when i bought it, it had no second gear ( only paid 1900). you can cruise in second slowly but as soon as you pick up, it kicks out. now that i have it i want to know what im looking at to fix it. new trans? gear forks? what? every gear is fine and everything...
  19. 2001 CBR 929 Stock Parts !!!

    For Sale
    Hey there, I have a spare 2001 CBR 929RR motor that I picked up as a spare parts motor for my own 929RR that is nearing 40,XXX. Previous owner claimed 10,XXX miles on the parts motor when I picked it up, but who knows for sure. One good piece of mind is that I picked it up from a clean...
  20. Help!! CBR 954 no start!!

    General Discussion
    I have a 2002 cbr 954, and at first the fuel pump was acting up. Not letting it start. Fuel pump is good, it turns on with external power source. Now, we're getting no spark from the plug, and we followed the wires from the spark plug to the PCM, and when I crank the starter, no voltage...