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  1. 2006 Honda CBR1000RR Two Brothers Exhaust

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    Greetings, I added a Two Brothers Black Series exhaust to my 2006 Honda CBR1000RR around a month ago and have been noticing that the power doesn't really kick in when accelerating until around 2.5K rpms. Has anyone else had this experience when adding an aftermarket exhaust? If so, are there...
  2. 93 900rr dead spot

    General Discussion
    Hi everyone, i could use some help. iv got a 93 blade and it has very little torque in the low end. when it hits 7300ish rmps it balls to the wall power. it was having problems where it would idle but as soon as you touched the throttle it would die (fixed this issue). now it just has very...
  3. Chain and sprocket issues?

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello again people, I have an issues, I want to buy a chain and sprocket kit, for my 2007 CBR 1000RR and im getting a lot of mixed signals about what to buy! I would like to go Front 15T and rear 44T (stock is 16 and 42 apparently) so I want some quicker acceleration, wanna try some wheelies...
  4. cbr954 acceleration stability faild after kick fan

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi Reinstalled cbr954 for gear transmission . It wasn't any engine light or acceleration stability problem befor Now once the fan starts it can't maintain speed simaltaneously acceleration RPM decreses from 1100 to 900 and finaly bike shuts off itself. I took a ride on dat about 2.5miles its...
  5. 1996 cbr 600 f3

    Honda CBR 600
    Hey guys this is my first time posting on a forum of any sort so forgive me if I make a mistake as I am very new to this. My 1996 cbr 600 lacks power from idle to about 6000 rpms. High revving it drives like a dream. Also when I am at an idle and start to go it always seems like it is on the...