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  1. new to big bore and fireblades

    Afternoon I'm a 29 year old financial software analyst working for Skipton Building Society in the UK. I've ridden a Derbi GPR 125 for the last 16 months, recently passed my (UK License - direct access) and bought a redblack 2002 954 fireblade. I haven't bought it because it's a massive engine...
  2. I hope this is the right place to post this... Um hello?

    Hello newbie here.. From Sacramento California. I own a 2001 CBR929RR. My second bike, had a 05 cbr600 before this. Loveeee the bike.
  3. 1999 FireBlade 918cc model

    Honda FireBlade
    I can get more specs for which model my bike is but figured title headline was efficient for the moment. I got as the title says, a 99 Fire Blade 918cc model; shes plenty fast brand new oil change, ( Full Synthetic Oil Change Switch Over ) Brand New Compressed Seal O Ring Chain and Front and...
  4. Need your thoughts on 08 CBR1000RR!

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi guys, Just acquired a new-to-me 08 CBR1000RR. Any tips or advice? I'm coming from my beloved 2000 929RR. What exhausts are worth the time and money without the bike becoming obnoxiously loud? Any good tweaks to the fuel injection or programming? Thanks in advance! ~D
  5. Honda 919 clutch slipping please help!!

    General Discussion
    I recently bought my 2004 Honda 919 several weeks ago and I love it! For the first couple weeks it was a blast to ride with absolutely no problems. Recently, however, Ive been having a fairly large problem: Whenever I twist the throttle all the way back, the rpms redline quickly but the bike...