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  1. New CDI 87' Aero? No spark on all cylinders

    Honda CBR400RR
    HI Guys new here but struggling to get a spark on my aero Been testing all day today and cant solve the problem What i Have tested so far: Pulse Generator coils - both reading 375 ohms Wiring from Pulse generator to CDI - No open circuits Wiring from CDI to coils - No open circuits Primary...
  2. Help with cbr400 carburetor

    General Discussion
    I was wondering if someone can clear my doubts. I have a cbr400 aero(nc23) that i'm trying to rebuild. The carburetor has 4 t-shaped inlet tubes. I know which one is for the gasoline, but the other three seem to draw air from somewhere. Can somebody tell from where exactly? I don't even have the...