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  1. Honda CBR400RR
    Hi All, I'm currently restoring an NC23 CBR400RR-K Tri-Arm for a bit of project as it seems a pretty good bike to learn about bike mechanics on... So, my (first) question is, what does an airbox do? (Aside from housing the airfilter!) What effect will removing it and putting air filters...
  2. Honda FireBlade
    I would like to get some cooler air to my airbox. I'm not looking for a performance boost, just looking to lower the temperature of the air going into my engine. Cold air is more dense and thus will combust more efficiently and cleanly. There are multiple threads where people who know what...
  3. General Discussion
    A buddy of mine told me about this a while ago before deployment. He said all the CBR's have an airbox restrictor that operates in 1st and 2nd gear to reduce noise output of the engine, but that it also tends to choke it somewhat because it's starved for air. people online consistently report a...
1-3 of 3 Results