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  1. HOW TO: CBR 929 HID Retrofit, Projectors, Angel Eyes, and Demon Eye LEDs

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    Retrofit HIDs, Angel eyes, Demon eyes, or all three (like me) for any bike, car, boat, whatever really. I did it right, fuses, ample gauge wiring, 30 amp switches, connectors, baxter relays, Metal projectors with glass crystal lens, and best of all... FOR UNDER $200! so follow the pictures...
  2. Angel Eyes- My winter project

    Honda FireBlade
    I just thought I would post a couple pictures of my winter project. I made homemade angel eyes using a curtain rod with two led's, one on each end. I also put three led's in each of the vents. As you can tell in one of the pictures, my right side vent has a burnt out led already. I just finished...