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  1. Help Please!!!

    Im currently restoring a cbr400 nc29 to its former glory. but having problems trying to find a rear wheel internal spacer that sits inside the wheel between the bearings. (long tube like) Honda have discontinued them so the only other chance I have is getting a 2nd hand one. any help is much...
  2. NC29 Firing on 3 Cylinders

    Honda CBR400RR
    Im new to this forum and firstly would just like to say hi. I have been told that my baby is only firing on 3 cylinders, the cylinder that is not firing is apparantly the second one in from the left from the point of view of sitting on the bike. i was informed of this problem when i took my...
  3. First Bike - CBR400RR NC23

    Review My Ride
    Hi, so this is my first proper bike (obviously excluding scooters and pit bikes).. 1990 Honda CBR400RR (NC23). Picked it up at the start of the year for a grand. Few little scuffs and nicks here and there but for a 23 year old bike it's a cracker! Started my lessons not long after buying it and...
  4. I NEED HELP!!

    General Discussion
    Hi all, new to the forum and forums in general but I'm in dire need of help. This will be a long read but I will certainly appreciate any reply. So, I have a Honda CBR400RRK NC23. I haven't ridden the bike for about 4 weeks due to the petrol tank being re-sprayed, fitted a brand new stainless...
  5. Straight Handle Bars on Babyblade

    New Rider Orientation
    Hi guys and girls! I joined the forum to try and get information on the babyblade before purchase! I'm a very tall 5'2" :rotfl:. Every motorbike i have sat on (apart from my 125) i can only reach the floor on tip toes. I've had plenty of people say to me don't let that put me off but with not...
  6. My Babyblade

    My Babyblade