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  1. What's right for my height?

    New Rider Orientation
    Okay so I'm 15, only 5' 6", and a girl and I just passed my permit test for my motorcycle. I've been driving my brother's 1993 Gl650 motorcycle, but it's a little bit to tall for me( the seat height is around 30-31 inches) and too heavy( weighing at about 550 pounds). I know a kawasaki ninja 250...
  2. Should I even bother servicing this '01 F4i which has no proof of maintenance?

    General Discussion
    I plan to purchase a 250-300cc starter bike this autumn. Most likely, after 1-2 years of riding it I'll want to move up to a bigger bike. My older brother's 2001 CBR600F4i has been sitting in the garage for 3 years. It may be the bigger bike I'll want to ride in the future. How much money should...
  3. Track riding for non-track worthy bikes?

    Road Racing: Professional
    I have been riding a F800GS for the past 50,000 miles and have often that about breaking into track riding as I have become more and more comfortable on my bike. Is there any tracks that allow bikes of this sort in any kind of open ride sessions with the proper gear (PA,NY,NJ)? I have never...
  4. 86 VFR 500 help!!

    Honda Interceptor / VFR
    Hey all, I have the chance to buy a buddy of mines motorcycle. As you could of guessed, it is a Honda VFR 500, this bike is in pretty good shape, actually has kinda been passed down among my friends as their first motorcycles. I have a couple questions about this, because being a college...
  5. What bike should I get as a beginner?

    General Discussion
    Here's the thing...I REALLY want a bike. I've wanted one for about a year and I finally have the funds to get one. However, I've never driven a manual car much less a street bike. I have every intention of taking it slow and learning on back roads and things. My friend sent me a link from...
  6. CBR vs. Fireblade?

    New Rider Orientation
    Hello, everyone. I'm new to riding. Been learning on a 150. So far, so good. Planning on getting a Honda 250 (fingers crossed) when I feel quite comfortable riding in traffic. Been reading up on differences, or lack thereof, between CBR and Fireblade. Is there really OR are these just two...