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  1. 02/03 954RR Headlamp Assembly & Tail light

    For Sale
    :welcome: I am changing my 2003 CBR 954RR over to a track bike. Only parts I have left are the OEM headlamp assembly and tail light. Both parts are in mint condition. All tabs are in tact. Asking $220 for both and willing to cover 50% of shipping costs.
  2. Looking for Oem undertail with signals and plate holder 2000 929 black

    Just got a 2000 cbr 929rr, its got a hotbodies or knock off undertail, In my area i need the factory signals to pass an inspection once a year. If anyone has this with a oem or aftermarket taillight or a bracket with the oem signals and a holder for plate let me know thanks. Also I am located...