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  1. 94 Blade - Transmission and braking issues. HELP!

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi everyone! This is my second SC28, my first being a 93. This is a 94, with 50k miles on it as of now. When I purchased the bike I noticed something on the rotors. The rotors do not get a full bite of the caliper, as if theyre too small in diameter. I called the previous owner and he said he...
  2. Brake Issues

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, I recently did the dumbest thing possible and tried to unload my 954 off a trailer by tipping it up and letting it roll back. The tire jumped out of the track before I could grab it and it flipped off the trailer. It landed on the right side, pretty much right on the brake lever. The...
  3. Time for new brakes?

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    Are your brakes taking more and more pressure to stop? Can't remember the last time you purchased new pads? Do I sound like a cracked up sales man? Probably, but that's not the point. As a first thread I wanted to outline my thought process in making the move to upgrade my brakes. 1) Evaluate...
  4. 1983 Honda CBX 550F. Seized Rear brake piston.

    General Discussion
    Still working on my bike, thanks for all the help so far. My rear brake piston is seized. Any good ideas for getting it on unseized? I've seen guys use a pressure going to push it out, Is that a good solution or is there something better? Should I replace the piston and seals or could I get...
  5. 2003 954RR Rear brake issue Please help

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi there I'm new to the forum & should've signed up awhile ago lol But none the less I was out riding today when my rear brake seemed super stiff (having to push really hard to even have the brakes touch) then I was coming to a stop sign when my pedal instantly went to the floor (furthest it...
  6. Q from a newbie! Stuck brake pad retaining pin plug!

    Honda FireBlade
    I've a 1997 Fireblade 900rrv - I decided to give the bike a service and saw that the front and rear pads could do with replacing. I ended up taking front and rear wheels off to give them a good overhaul, etc. With the brakes, the pad retaining pin plug is stuck on all calipers. It is the...
  7. Brembo brake convert - DISC QUERY

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello there folks new to this forum business. But always helps when im in a pickle, Basically im in a right rut with the brake conversion on my 1996 900rr the previous owner has fitted brembo brakes to the front using an adpater to mount the calipers .. They have also fitted new larger...
  8. Speed Bleeder Size

    Articles: Honda FireBlade
    I have been searching for awhile and cannot find what size speed bleeders go on my 2003 954RR. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. 94 Honda CBR 900RR front wheel problems..

    Honda FireBlade
    My broken front wheel has 16 X MT3.5 written on it. I bought a new one and it has 16 X HT3.5 written on it. The bolt pattern on the new wheel does not match the pattern on my old one. What is the difference between MT3.5 and HT3.5?
  10. These EBC brakes are annoying

    Site Comments / Help
    Is there anyone that can tell me how to make the annoying clicking sound that my newly installed EBC brakes are making STOP... They only make the sound when coasting, I'm sure they make it while accelerating too but I cant hear it over the exhaust. It's like they are contacting the rotor and...
  11. Flea Bay 929/954 Rotors from China

    Honda FireBlade
    Just wondering if anyone on here has had a pair large enough to give these a try? Front Brake Disc Rotor Honda CBR 929 954 CBR929 CBR954: eBay Motors (item 310238920626 end time Aug-11-10 07:00:10 PDT) The price is right, but Im not sure about the quality. I have 2 severely warped rotors and...
  12. Chrome Galfer wave rotors for sale

    For Sale
    I have barely used galfer wave rotors for sale $260 obo! PayPal accepted! PM me or email me at [email protected]