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  1. HELP!! exhaust leak?!

    Honda FireBlade
    i was riding my recently purchased 2001 929rr. stopped to get something to eat with the gf and went to pull out of the parking lot and boof sounded like the headers came off. ride it home and took fairings our only to find all of the bolts were tight. started it up and felt air coming out of a...
  2. 1992 CBR600F2 won't run

    Honda CBR 600
    Ok, so, I recently bought a honda 1992 cbr600f2, I have no idea what's been done to it, but the guy said it had upgraded parts and whatnot, anyway, it's been making a weird clanking/grinding/clunking noise from the left side of the engine, and today, while idling it crapped out on me and won't...
  3. 97 CBR 600 F3 will not turn OFF

    General Discussion
    Hey, I'm new to this place and hoping one of you can help me. Someone cut out my ignition and broke a few of my fairings, not too big of a deal. There was no power, so I got my new ignition and that still didn't work. I unplugged it and started looking into it a little more. What I found is...
  4. Nc23 Starter clutch changed, now bike won't start

    Honda CBR400RR
    Posting for a friend due to lack of internet at his new home. We have been working on his bike today after another friend dignosed a knocking noise from his engine as the starter clutch. After a bit of fiddling, we got to the starter clutch and tried to remove bolt holding the thing on. We tried...
  5. Li1995 honda cbr900rr getting no power to nothing and it wont start

    Honda FireBlade
    hey hows it going i have a cbr 900rr, i was cruising it around all week,then last night i noticed that the fan wasnt turning on and i found a wire just hanging there so i touched it to a ground and fan started to work. so i grounded the wire but the fan would always be on so i continued to...