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  1. Honda FireBlade
    Having a no start issue that I believe is due to hoses routed wrong. Under tank pictures of a California SC33 and any advice would be helpful.
  2. General Discussion
    Hey, guys, new to the forum and new to the honda bike life. I pick up my 98 CBR900RR this weekend, it needs a little TLC but it has less than 5k on it and getting it for a steal and engine/transmission were rebuilt right before my buddy went to a 1k. It needs the carbs done (Very familiar with...
  3. Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    So, I thought I'd ask the question as to why carbs such as keihin FCR's are considered better than standard carbs? What are the pro's and cons? :idunno: As an aside - I run a 94 CBR900RRR - so if I was considering FCR's - which ones should I go for ? And why? Thanks in advance.....
  4. Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, I've got a 99 cbr 900 with a stage 2 jet kit, and a hollowed, shortened two bros bolt on. I'm just wondering where my air/fuel mixture screws should be set at, and does turning them in make it rich or lean?
  5. Introductions
    Hello Everybody! I think I am still a new rider with a lot to learn, even though I have been riding every day, rain or shine, since I bought my bike in the middle of december last year. I ride, and maintain, an 86 Kawasaki ZL600 Eliminator. <3 I am a member of the zl-oa forum(Reptar), a lot of...
  6. General Discussion
    I just stripped down the carbs today, cleaned jets, bowls, floats, valves... im stumped. she ran fine a few weeks ago. dude att shop wanted to order me a jet kit(these are 35,38,38,35 so i guess he wanted stage 1? or just my money?) i just got her back, solenoid fuse was blown... fuel pump likes...
  7. Honda CBR 600
    Hi all, I'm new here. Haven't had my CBR too long and I've done a few minor bits, Changing brake pads, oil, coolant etc... I took it out last week after returning from a weeks holiday abroad and it suddenly has no power below 7Krpm. at 1/4 throttle it seems to manage ok but not like it should...
  8. Honda CBR400RR
    Hi All, I'm currently restoring an NC23 CBR400RR-K Tri-Arm for a bit of project as it seems a pretty good bike to learn about bike mechanics on... So, my (first) question is, what does an airbox do? (Aside from housing the airfilter!) What effect will removing it and putting air filters...
  9. Honda CBR400RR
    Hey all. Read quite a few posts on here which have helped with various problems I've been having since rebuilding the baby blade, so thanks :clap: So, my issue. I seem to have a a fair amount of fuel draining out of what i think is some type of overflow pipe from the right hand (when sitting...
  10. Honda CBR 600
    So i just bought a brand spankin new gasket kit for my carbs. I plan on rebuilding them this weekend. I was looking at the idle air screw and was wondering how they come out and at what setting do you put them back in. These carbs are off a 1994 CBR600 F2. Any ideas?
1-10 of 10 Results