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  1. 1994 CBR600 Carb Hose Assy help

    General Discussion
    For a couple weeks now I've been working on a 94 cbr600 that I just bought trying to get it started again. I think I am 99% there I just need to get everything put back together correctly. Could anyone post a picture of their carb assembly connected to their bike please? I need to make sure that...
  2. Carburator: RRX RRW carbs on the 96 RRT

    Honda FireBlade
    I finally found time to clean my carbs an my "new" cbr 900rr i bought last year. A previous owner had installed a Dynojet kit.. Unfortunately two af the needle had been in contact with water for a long period of time and needed replacing. Replacement needles are no go since the company who...
  3. 97 CBR900RR Flat Spot

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi Everyone, New here and I am having a little problem. I got this 97 CBR900 and it starts great, runs great (sort of) and rides great and will be better once I put the new tires on tomorrow. My problem is mid throttle right about where is feels like it wants to really take off (Kinda like the...
  4. 96 CBR 900rr Carb Calibration question

    Honda FireBlade
    I have a 96 CBR 900RR, and Im attempting to calibrate my carbs. I have devised a Manometer out of 1/4" clear plastic tubing with 2cycle oil as my measuring fluid. My carbs dont have the tit for hooking up the tubing so I took two funnel ends and cut them to fit the top of the carbs. I then...
  5. Help with cbr400 carburetor

    General Discussion
    I was wondering if someone can clear my doubts. I have a cbr400 aero(nc23) that i'm trying to rebuild. The carburetor has 4 t-shaped inlet tubes. I know which one is for the gasoline, but the other three seem to draw air from somewhere. Can somebody tell from where exactly? I don't even have the...