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cbr 1000rr engine work

  1. CBR 1000rr 2008 strange problem

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys i have a serious problem with my blade ,after i ride it in trafic gets hot 104-105 celzius which is normal but after 20 mins or so it shuts off or the throttle get extremly choppy +50% power or 0 power very dangerous like the bike is choking really strange and if you try to get going in...
  2. 2004 cbr 1000rr wont start

    General Discussion
    hello i need help! bike was running fine and i pulled over for a break and it woulnt start like there was no juice and the headlights do not work but the battery is still charged! please help me!
  3. cbr1000rr turns off while riding

    General Discussion
    I been having problems with my 2005 cbr1000rr, its been turning off on me while i been riding. When i start riding, within about a mile my gauge will turn off and not too long after, my bike will just turn off. I been using my charger to charge the battery while its in my garage. Its been doing...
  4. cbr1000rr engine drop and upgrades?

    Honda FireBlade
    i have a 2007 cbr1k that my transmissing is chattering .. so i just droped the engine and i have a 2005 that i am putting on the bike in the mean time.. i would like some infor on what is out there for me to upgrade ... looking for maybe some cams whatever else is known to turn this beast into a...