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  1. General Discussion
    Hello everybody, I've never tried riding a bike before. I decided lately to get one i don't know which bike would be good for a beginner A Honda cbr 250rr or Honda cbr 400rr. I'm 180 cm and 62 kg which one would be better for me? I'm 16 years old btw. Thanks in advance!
  2. General Discussion
    Hi all, new to the forum and forums in general but I'm in dire need of help. This will be a long read but I will certainly appreciate any reply. So, I have a Honda CBR400RRK NC23. I haven't ridden the bike for about 4 weeks due to the petrol tank being re-sprayed, fitted a brand new stainless...
  3. Honda CBR400RR
    Hi All, I am Saurabh from India. I recently got into the world of sports bikes and as per my research got myself a CBR 400RR NC-29 (N Type). Other than a Leak in the front left Fork which I think is not a Big issue, found out a bigger issue. The bike wont start in the morning on its own...
  4. Streetfighter
    Hello im trying to get a.engine out of a cbr400 I have unmounted it. I have managed to get it to drop about 4mm but seems to get stuck Any suggestions
  5. Motorcycles For Sale
    selling my cbr 400rr as im in need of the cash its in perfect condition with 1 month M.O.T and tax but will 100% pass next time, its got carbon fibre effect indicators, grips and mirrors and fully heat wrapped from manifold to exhaust can, its and after market can and makes the bike sound a lot...
  6. Honda CBR400RR
    hi guys im new on here!! need urgent help with my wireing!! all i want is a spark!! is there anyone who is clued up to tell the most simplest way of making a wiring loom to make the engine run?? i have all the coils ecu and a big bunch of wires :) do i need a battery to run it? or can i just...
  7. Honda CBR400RR
    Hi all, new guy here I bought my first big bike last night, an NC23 i absolutely love her and she's a very quick bike. Though i already have a problem less than 24 hours of owning it :mad: I gave her a damn good wash and polish this afternoon ready for some pics (never actually got...
  8. Honda CBR400RR
    im having trouble with a honda cbr 400 in a go-kart because i cant get any thing on the wiring loom to work, each time i plug the oil pressure switch in it blows the main fuse. if i leave it unpluged will the engine still work?
  9. CBR's

    CBR 600F CBR 900RR CBR400RR NC29
  10. CBR's

    CBR 600F CBR 900RR CBR400RR NC29
1-10 of 10 Results