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  1. Honda CBR 600
    My 1994 CBR 600 F2 has oil in the coolant and white smoke coming out of the exhaust periodically, as well as a "running hot" or over heating issue. So i think i need to replace the head gasket. I have a manual on order, but for the sake of time what do I need to replace? Just the head gasket...
  2. Honda CBR 600
    I was riding my F2 to class today when all of a sudden I shifted down into first gear at a red light, once it turned green and I took off the bike quickly stalled out and died. I eventually got it back up and running and it was fine until the next red light and then died again and i tried three...
  3. Work In Progress

    1992 Honda CBR 600 f2 on a lift that I built.
  4. Honda CBR 600
    I found a windscreen from a 95 f3, just wondering if it will fit my 94 F2? Thanks
  5. Honda CBR 600
    Hey guys and gals, Im new to the site and also to cbr's. Little brief story picked up a 1994 f2 for 300 bucks. It ran perfect and was straight. the only thing is i have no plastics what so ever. So i guess my question is should i do a f2 body kit or go with a updated kit? Do you guys have any...
1-8 of 8 Results